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Innovations that comes with Galaxay S4, and that competitors do not have

Scrolling Eye is an innovation introduced by this phone now and stay smart function tracks eye movements to determine if the user is looking at the screen or not, thus saving the battery by turning off the application that was running when the phone determines that the user has no eyes fixed to the screen, Smart Pause will pause any applications running at the time, and smart scroll will scroll pages depending on where the user's eyes fixed.
However the two functions are not snapshots, so anyway a few seconds will be lost when you do not look carefully at the screen but the function may be very helpful in terms of saving battery. In the tests we have done the internet search speed was extraordinarily high, and what impressed us was the clarity with which web pages were displayed, the clarity at the zoom function.

Apple or even HTC already has similar applications, but the novelty is that you should never touch with your finger the phone display. And smart voice function was improved, thus having more accuracy for sound played and the smart alert were improved with Air Gesture, all offering users the possibility of accessing large phone menus and its functions without physically touching the phone.

Innovations that comes with Galaxay S4, and that competitors do not have
Hover mode allows the user to see in preview sites different applications, such as emails, or viewing the speed dial. For those who are already familiar with Android operating system, you should notice that this improved version is found at Galaxy S4 with some changes in the settings: the setup menu is divided into 4 zones, offering the posibility to synchronization or to obtain details about the phone.

My guess is that with this new Smartphone, Samsung has managed to give a uniform look for the phone's menus, the best news for users is the increased screen, the improved processor performance, all resulting to be the next generation of applications and performances that can be achieved by running complex programs on smartphones like Galaxy S4, which will be on sale in less than two weeks in the U.S.

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