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In Canada, Samsung Galaxy S4 will arrive in the middle of April

After the release of Galaxy S4 at New York, a few major mobile operators from Canada annouced that SGS4 will be available for customers, very soon.
What means "soon" for canadian mobile operators we don't know exactly. Some of them indicated that SGS4 will be released on second quarter, but nothing about the month, that can be April, May or June! Anyway, from the previouse experiences of other Galaxy versions, usually in a moth after first release date, the smartphone will arrive on the markets, and that indicates Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available for sale in Canada in the middle of April, 2013.

Canadian mobile operators

At the beginning, ofter the New York release, just four major mobile operators announced that SGS4 will be sold by: Sasktel, Mobilicity, Videotron & Wind. Now, other seven canadian carriers announced that this smartphone will be brought on local market.

Anyway, this smartphone can be pre-ordered on different online stores at high prices, usually between 800 to 900 canadian dollars for an unlocked phone.

If you can wait a little more time, then in two or three weeks is expected to arrive some great deals from the mobile cariers...

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