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The audio processing for S4

EarSmart S325 is a very advanced voice processor that greatly improves audio quality in tablets and smartphones, technology which is already installed on some phones.

Samsung Galaxy S4 will have this voice processor, that will greatly improve voice quality and reduce the background noise for mobile phones. Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Note or Google Nexus tablet 10 have already received adjustments provided by this adapter.

This is actually a third-generation chip that incorporates three microphones, helping to clear sound, cancel echo, increasing voice quality and improve sound quality in video and audio applications like Skype.

In this way, the customer experience is changing, bringing more realism in realtime communications, live interactions and connecting to other people through mobile devices. This device also supports HD Voice Quality. What is HD Voice: calls are initiated using a wider range of frequencies, resulting a major improvement in quality of the voice.

As an application of this technology, we can include games, simulations or listening to some tunes at full volume, however, these settings are included, so you will not even realize them.

I bet with confidence in this latest technology for the 14th March, 2013 launch!

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