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Samsung Galaxy S6 - Realistic Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S6 - Realistic Rumors

Soon will arrive Samsung Galaxy S6 release day and most gadgets fans expect to see what high technology innovations will hit the public markets. Beyond most speculations that joined each release of every major vendor (Apple, Samsung, HTC, etc), now people don't dream anymore to get in their hands some SciFi technologies with 3D effects, holograms, laser keyboards or projectors, scanning retina, etc.

So, let's talk about reality based rumors!

The new CPU of Galaxy S6 will be Snapdragon 805! I know there exist the Snapdragon 808 CPU and even Snapdragon 810, but Qualcomm announced that these processors will be implemented into the hardware of smartphones and tablets after first half of 2015. So, Galaxy Note 5 will get at least a Snapdragon 808 CPU, but not Galaxy S6.

S6 will have maximum 3GB of RAM (it's like a tradition to increase with 1GB of RAM each Galaxy S release, and anyway... Snapdragon 805 support LPDDR3 RAM). Also, the S6 will have an Adreno 420 GPU (or Adreno 418 GPU in case Snapdragon 808 will be implemented - less probable).

The primary camera will have with 3 or even 5 more Mpx than S5, the most probable 19Mpx with smart OIS (optical image stabilization), fast AF and LED Flash. Also we can hope to make movies with more fps (256fps? huh... less probable, but there must be added additional features to the actual S5 camera). The secondary camera will be increased with at least 1Mpx from the previous version and will be added some minor features.

The OS... What? Everybody know the Android Lollipop will join Galaxy S6.

S6 will arrive on markets with 2 internal memory storage versions: 32GB and 64GB (it's less probable to see 128GB version), also, the card slot will support up to 128GB microSD memory cards. Related to S6 display, it's very possible to be maintained the tradition (to increase it with 0.1 inches), and the battery to increase with only a few hundreds of mAh. And... of course, the price; 800 to 900 USD for an unlocked smartphone and starting from $199 with a monthly plan from main mobile carriers...

ps: I forgot to mention the release day of Galaxy S6: it will be placed on the end of April, 2015, or the beginning of May...

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