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Flash Mob for Galaxy S4

Just a few hours before the official launch of Samsung Galaxy S4, in Time Square, in New York, a very nice flash mob prepared tomorrow's much anticipated release. Several people dressed in black with white suits had presented a playful dance using the placards that conveyed details about tomorrow launch. All passersby were thrilled, as shown in the below video, and on the Internet this flash mob was broadcasted to many tens of millions of users, in minutes. I got the link on the internet, you, as my readers, got it from this post of mine and so on.

This is an eficient and modern event advertised with fewer resources, but with high impact on public, and I am sure that people at Samsung have not exhausted here all their pleasant surprises, I look forward tomorrow launch!

In these conditions, it will be really hard for Apple fans to convince that their phone is the best, not with such a good marketing policy from Samsung competition. However, Samsung still has to be very careful and HTC, because it is a very strong competitor too.
The majority reaction to watching this flash mob was like: yes, this is high quality advertising, tomorrow I will be watching this event, as it deserve.

Best phone, best advertising, best selling! Samsung is the best!

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