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Low prices on T-Mobile for Samsung Galaxy S4

Low prices on T-Mobile for Samsung Galaxy S4

In this article you will find some extremely beneficial tariff plans, offers valid at T-Mobile, which has taken the decision to drop the price for a month for Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, with $50, in an attempt to gain more clients.

T-Mobile offers its customers a discount of $50 when purchasing this model, the promotion will be valid until July 13 th, so you can benefit from it only in this time. The price of this device reaches just $99 on with a contract for a period of 24 months, and the monthly contract worth $20. This promotion is already found on the official website of the mobile operator, so for many pricing plans, check it until July 13 th.

However, most likely this promotion will be followed by many other promotions, as initial estimates made by the South Korean company about sales volumes have recently been updated, since from its launch until now there have not been sold so many units as originally expected, so the production of this new smartphone was a bit slowed because of this, and this will definitely be used against the giant Samsung by its main competitors.

The impressive Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

The impressive Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Last came in Galaxy S4 family is the Active model, which impresses with its resistance to water and dust, but also has extremely powerful technical specifications.

This latest smartphone that can withstand a dive up to 30 minutes in water has an Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system  and a very powerful processor, a 1.9 GHz quadcore processor, in terms of technically specifications, this model is very similar to the just launched S4 model.

With an 8MP camera, so with a resolution a little smaller than that S4, this outstanding model can already be purchased at a price of just $199 at AT&T, thus becoming a very desirable device for many million people concerned.
In terms of design, this model has extra screws that are designed to provide more resistance for the device, so, in short, this is an affordable smartphone, very powerful, and very durable, enough reasons to get the top choice of many buyers.

Preorders for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Preorders for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

AT&T made today an official announcement, communicating that they Will be launching this device in the U.S. and will take preorders starting tomorrow, When first devices will already be in stores, being available for a $199 price for a 2 year contract.

This latest smartphone will be available in two versions: Urban Gray and Blue Dive and will have the great advantage of being waterproof, a very special feature that will be very useful in many life situations.

It will have a very powerful configuration, a 5 inches screen, a quad core Snapdragon 600 high performance, and the latest battery of 2600 mAh. However, prospective customers of this device will be delighted with special features related with its water resistance.

Just think how useful this water and dust resistant smartphone can be in summer vacations, on the beach or spending your vacation on camping. A very powerful device, durable and with a great, modern and beautiful design at the same time. What could you possibly want more?

Rumors about Samsung Galaxy S5

Rumors about Samsung Galaxy S5
After the great success of Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, technology enthusiasts are waiting the next improved version, which will become more efficient, so already there are many rumors about the future Galaxy S5, the highest expectations of this being therefore linked to aluminum housing which it will most certainly be made.
The fact is that the future model is now in development stage and will have a very similar design to that had by the Galaxy S4, but with much improved performance, as the South Korean company already had showen us in the last years, so I personally expect outstanding performances for this device what's to be released.

Aluminum housing that's to be expected for giving a premium impression, will most likely cause higher production rates and a greater weight of the smartphone as well, but in this way will be wiped most criticals received from its biggest competitors, Apple and HTC.

However, in terms of technical specifications, we do not have much information at this time, so it remains to be seen what the future configuration for this smartphone from Samsung might be.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - preorders in UK

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - preorders in UK
After Samsung kept his word and designed the mini model equipped with the latest facilities that the S4 series has, for a lower price, making it so much affordable for many categories of buyers, this mini model is now available at preorder, so everyone interested will not have very long to wait until they could hold it in their hand and test all its revolutionary features.

This mini version is just as efficient and has a very similar design to the just released S4 model, so with a display of 4.3 inches super AMOLED technology, a high performance processor clocked for 1.7 Ghz, a 8 MP rear camera and a 1.9 MP front camera and 1.5 GB of RAM, it has a high performance configuration, which will help it to become one of the best selling smartphones of the moment, taking advantage of offering latest technology at much lower prices.

The official presentation of this mini model will take place within a larger event in June 20, so very few remaining days until we find out all its details.

A few weeks after announcing the launch of this mini model, anyone interested in this model in the UK can preorder it now for only £389.99, one of the most famous and largest retailers, Handtech, confirming that they will have in stock this model in the near future, also, on its official site Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 8GB black mist is available for preorders at £389.99. Up to this point this retailer has not provided a release date for the mini version of this smartphone.

Other big retailers like Vodafone, Three, Phones 4U, O2 also said that they will have in stock the new device, so there will be a lot of offers from them, but until then, lets expect its launch in London, June 20th.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

The long awaited series of releases from Samsung will be continued, this month, with a new highly awaited launch that will be a pleasant surprise for passionate users of the Facebook application, which in this month will be introduced with Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, specifically designed for them. But first, let's see what's new about this smartphone?
Today it appeared on the internet its first official picture, thus its design is suggestive for its purpose, being a combination, a true high performance hybrid between a camera and a latest generation smartphone, so being able to fulfill both the functions of a camera, and that of a mobile phone.

In terms of its technical specifications, the rumors say it will have a 1.6 Ghz high-performance processor, 8GB storage capacity expandable up to 64GB, Android 4.2.2 operating system, 4,3 inches screen after the model of S4 Mini.
This hybrid will surprise you with an amazing resolution of 16MP and a professional 10x zoom. Until the launch of this hybrid are left, according to official sources, less than two weeks, the expected launch will be in June 20, the date on which the South Korean company will have a major media event, so, for this date, the new launch is not excluded! I"ll keep you updated!

Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Applications

In this article I will briefly present some of the best and most useful applications of this great smartphone and I'll start by saying that I personally like best Flipboard, and I especially like the fact that as soon as you turn the device, a very friendly and intuitive interface is working, so you will see a wide range of applications, everything can be customized according to the needs of each user.
Dreambox through which you can access or upload up to 2 gigabytes of data, Play Group that helps you to connect instantly in real time with many other users or share with them any material and files, S Planner that helps to become a very good organizer, giving you a calendar that you can customize it, these are just some of the special applications of this device to ease the lives of everyone, thus becoming a true personal assistant capable of performing comparable that of a portable computer, for example.

S Voice Assistant is easy to use by all users, applications can be started using only voice commands. S Health is monitoring your health parameters and through Samsung Hub Applications anyone can have access to many more other applications, thus using this smartphone is really a pleasure.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Verizon review

PROs: innovative features for a smartphone with Android operating system, very performance camera that help you get  professional photos, colorful and very performance full HD display, expandable storage capacity, long lasting battery, extremely light, beautiful design, high speed processor, air Gesture controls, thinner, wider, bigger than all the other smartphones on the market, very stilish, removable battery, colorful screen as we have not seen in any other smartphone before, but very powerful at the same time, high performance speakers that bring a very good sound quality, querty keyboard with enough space between the keys, so you can type with great rapidity larger texts, air view, smart pause, smart scroll, Samsung Hub, S Heath, STranslator, Optical Reader, high performance processor, 4G LTE Connectivity, long lasting 2600 mAh battery, the version with 16GB storage capacity can be brought from Verizon for only $199 with a 2 year contract.

CONs: its plastic case, screen can sometimes be hard to read when sunlight falls directly on it.
VERDICT: The best smartphone of the moment, very good price value, a device that supports the latest technologies, great for multimedia and social media applications.

O2 prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

In this article I will give more details about the price of Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones at O2 mobile network carrier.
For starters you should know that this device is available in two colors, white mist and black frost, the first smartphone in the world with a 5 inches full HD super AMOLED screen able to take pictures simultaneously with the 2MP front camera and a 13 MP rear camera, the device is also equipped with the latest 4G technology.

The smartphone is available in two pricing plans: for £37 per month for 24 months, the smartphone up front cost is free, while for the same tariff Including unlimited minutes and more time, the smartphone up front cost is £69.99.
The smartphone can be used without touching a button, and you can keep fit with the help of your amazing handset, SHealth can even monitor your sleep patterns by performing sensor that is equipped with, so it is a very useful device.

Galaxy S4 Mini - a smartphone for everyone

Galaxy S4 Mini - a smartphone for everyone

Galaxy S4 Mini is the performance version of S4, but cheaper and smaller in size, thus becoming a smartphone as powerful as it, but more affordable. It has a screen of 10.9 cm, about 4.3 inches, and therefore it is still much bigger than the previous S3 mini version, and it will be launched sometime in June this year, without so far knowing exactly when.
The just released S4, according to official sources within the South Korean company, has sold in over 10 million units, representing a record volume of sales.
Criticism received by the last year's S3 mini version was that it was not strong enough and powerful, so Samsung has not much to gain with that mini release, now, with the new mini release which will take place this month, the south korean is experiencing some emotion.

This mini version will have a 8 MP rear camera and a mini dual core 1.7 Ghz processor, which might cause critics to argue that this version will not be anything but a downgrade, it remains to be seen! Anyway, it will be cheaper and more afordable for everyone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Several photos of this model have already appeared in the virtual environment, the last of them with its casing, that it will have outstanding specifications. Photos of red or black casing have already appeared from several sources, which makes us think that it is likely that they are genuine.
From the latest leaked picture it appears that this smartphone has a very similar design to S4, but in front with 3 buttons instead of one, and it will have the power button on a side and the volume control at the other side.
According to information leaked to this point, the smartphone will have an 8 MP camera, and will be available for sale under number SGH I537, most likely from June 21th this year. But now lets see how this new model actually is and what does it has different from the just released S4 smartphone.

The display will most likely have 5 inches too, a full HD super AMOLED screen with a quad core Snapdragon 600 processor and 2GB of RAM, and a very high performance battery of 2600 mAh. In addition you will have other special features that will make it dust resistant and moreover, water resistant, specially features that will be very useful and will revolutionize the market.

Most important: