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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

In the same way with the previouse version, a new one, but a little smaller is comming.

The biggest question!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
What will be the specs of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini? Of course, the hardware and software specifications wouldn't be superiour to the fresh released version on March 14, 2013, in New York. Actualy, the hardware specs would be inferiour: a powerless CPU, less amount of RAM (maybe 1GB), and a poor battery. Also the display would be at least 4.0 inches, but not bigger than 4.3 inches.

The release date

Anyway, it will not be released earlier than 6 months, at least until Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be launched on global market, so, the most probable arriving date will be in December 2013 or January 2014.

Targeted audience

This little version of Samsung Galaxy S4 will not be usefull for people that are evolved in high activities over mobile internet duties, that would imply a smartphone. Maybe the women will like the most this smartphone.

In that way, we'll expect a mini version for each edition of Samsung Galaxy Note, too...

Most important: