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Telus: prices and pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4

The pre-launching campaigns of Galaxy S4, had attracted many people from worldwide, and now, the curiosity about this smartphones became virality and millions of fans are wanting to have it in them hands, to live custom experiences in using the most powerful Samsung's smartphone.
Telus Mobility is one of the major canadian mobile carriers that will bring very soon, to the citizens's hands, the new Samsung Galaxy S4. This mobile operator has more than 7 million customers, and its main competitors determines it to became very active in the race of being the first mobile carrier that will release Galaxy S4 in Canada.

Telus: Galaxy S4 pre-orders

Telus: prices and pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4
Even on the Internet the prices range for pre-orders is between $700 and $1400, for this mobile operator, being competitive in price offers is a must, in order to maintains its customers and gaining new ones. So, for Telus Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders, the starting prices will be around $750 for an unlocked smartphone, an additional cost of $100 for a bundle (it depends by the included accessories), and arround $249 for yearly plans.

Anyway, since the first days after the release time, Telus must to prepare very competitive starting prices for canadian citizens, in order to get a big range from the local market of S4 fans.

Telus Galaxy S4 release day

The most probable day for the release of S4 by Telus will be at the end of April or the beginning of May, 2013, but some people are saying that the release day would come in the middle of April. Although the main canadian mobile operators announced that the Galaxy S4 will be release on the second quarter for Canada (without any specification about the month, week or day), we still hope that this "day" will come very soon.

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