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The teasing before launching the S4

On 4th March, 2013 Samsung released a teasing video with a boy named Jeremy who had seen the new phone and who has to keep the secret until the launch day.

Thus, a person who has already tested the new Samsung Galaxy S4, cited even in the New York Times, says that the phone will be able to translate eye movements into motion, so when the display reaches at the end of the page, and the buyer wants to go to the next page, the software will automatically go to next paragraph or page.

Invitations to launch that will take place next week in Times Square ended since 25 February 2013, this thing showing that people's interest is particularly high (and mine as high).

Another great application that will run on this phone is the one that will allow mobile payments through Visa service (very useful today), between the two companies already existing a signed partnership on this regard.

14th March will be the big day for Samsung in 2013! Also, for the next week release, is expected a new technology to be introduced for backup and secure data encryption (Knox). Remains to be seen if the solution will be a proper one.

Most important: