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Samsung Galaxy S4 is the next generation phone

It's only been five years since the launch of the first smartphone, and the competition has become increasingly fierce, in time, we can only expect that smartphones will change very much, becoming devices with a greater extent than nowadays.

The fact that many of his settings and applications can be controlled only through eye movements, Samsung Galaxy S4 proves to be a next generation smartphone, although this is not the only news that will surprise us next week, on 14th March, 2013.

Settings like these will make the phone amazing, and will leads you to a new stage where improvements are best ever. Samsung leaders have already taken official statement that upgrades for the phone's hardware will be significant, resulting an amazing phone.

Accessing menus or different applications just by eye movements, is an extraordinary innovation that marks the entry into a new stage for this devices. This aroused my curiosity, and certainly yours too.

A simpler version of this application was already introduced for Samsung Galaxy S 3, which goes in hibernation, activating the power saving function when the owner is not looking at the display anymore. Thus, Samsung has managed to become the most feared competitor to Apple.

Samsung's sales last year were higher than those at Apple, and I think this trend will be maintained in 2013, after all signals received so far.

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