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Prices for Samsung Galaxy S4 in USA

If you are looking for a Samsung Galaxy S4, certainly you want to know how the prices are for it. First you must decide if you want to buy this phone freely, outside of a contract, but you'll buy it cheaper with a contract from one of the local telephone operators in your area of residence. In this post I will present several pricing plans to help you in making a favorable decision to you, as a potential buyer.
Surely if you will buy Samsung Galaxy S4 out of a contract, you will pay at least $600, according to official sources from Samsung, which had already announced a retail price of about $650. However, before its release, others officials from the company had announced a price slightly smaller, for about $579, which was subsequently adjusted by increasing it to over $600.

My advice to you is to buy this phone under a contract, because in this way you will manage to save a considerable amount of money. Thus, with a contract for a period of at least two years, the phone will be available for just $199 or even less, this is the price you will find at local operators like Tmobile, Sprint, Verizon or even AT & T.

This smartphone can be purchased for prices similar to those for iPhone 5, which is around $ 650, still worth every penny, considering that you get a modern display,  a faster processor, a better camera performance and a large variety of other applications,now the question is whether Apple will lower the price to compete with Samsung. Since the price for HTC One has not been yet announced, rumors say around $ 830, I can say that Samsung had a very good position in relation to its leading competitors. However, already the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 sells on Amazon for $472.

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