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Samsung Galaxy S4 is better than iPhone 5 - part one

This phone just released on March, 14 th is equipped with hardware and latest technologies software incorporated, far exceeding those from Apple.
The 13 MP camera, eye tracking technology, and generally idea of handling the phone without physically touching it, along with other innovative features of this smartphone, all gave Samsung an significant advance ahead of the competition and especially ahead of Apple's main competitor. Below I will present a few of the reasons why Samsung Galaxy S4 is better than iPhone 5.

It is much faster than the iPhone 5, as it has a quad core processor, not a dual core, like iPhone 5, laboratory tests have shown that Galaxy S4 is two times faster than the iPhone 5.

Galaxy's screen is much larger than the screen of the iPhone 5, having 5 inches; such a larger screen means more applications run simultaneously on the same page, more space for video and much better quality.

Galaxy S4 has more performance for your application to, with the 13 MP camera, while the iPhone 5 has only 8 MP camera. Shooting and editing images with Galaxy S4 is much easier, because it has options to blur portions of photos, or to sync photos with those of friends.

Galaxy S4 has better operating system than Iphone5, with the android 4.2.2 Samsung's buyers can download applications much easier and can synchronize their phones with compatible Samsung TVs. Furthermore, the Galaxy S4 suggest his user programs and applications according to its search history and recently run programs, so helping to customize and adapt to the specific needs of the buyer.

Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available to all local mobile operators, including T-Mobile.

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