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Less than two weeks until S4 launch

Publications in the field reports about Samsung's technological explosions that has already monopolized market smartphones profile. So far all Samsung smarphones took over competition on several levels, so I expect the S4 to be a pleasant surprise, too.

Samsung Galaxy S4 will have modern and innovative lines. It will impress not only by his design, it will be equiped with futuristic facilities, so I expect that sales for the new smartphone to exceed sales of the previous Samsung Galaxy S versions. The bar has been raised pretty high in terms of display that S4 will be equipped.
Most likely it will have a display of five inches. South Korean technology will be embedded generation and innovations will be in terms of economic consumption, also.

Projections are that it would save more than 45% of the battery, even when running multiple applications simultaneously. Its screen will not break and will bend, which is a great innovation that will give less work for specialized services.

The 2 GHz processor and 2 GB memory will allow much anticipated S 4 to operate at higher speeds and performance.Pixel density will be far superior to that seen in competition. Considering all these features, S 4 is likely to reach the top selling in record time.

Most important: