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Galaxy S6 Case - Ringke FUSION ***All New Dust Free Cap & Drop Protection

Ringke FUSION ***All New Dust Free Cap & Drop Protection*** [FREE Screen Protector][SMOKE BLACK] Premium Crystal Clear Back Shock Absorption Bumper Hard Case with Free HD Screen Film for Samsung Galaxy S6 - Eco/DIY Package

The outcome from a survey of our own some time ago proposes that majority of android smartphone buyers get a protective case for their gadgets. This makes a lot of sense – since, accidental scrapes and drops are, for an enormous part, unavoidable. Regardless of the fact that you look after your phone in a special way. It is not surprising that majority of us choose to safeguard against the likelihood of defacing our gadgets by buying protective case.

Be that as it may, usually, settling for a protective case includes many compromises – who would like to hide off his cool new Samsung Galaxy S6 in a massive, unattractive box?  However, accessory developers understand this, and are developing cases that are, for most purposes, and it is not visible. Am talking about the Fusion Crystal cover Case that is being sold for $11.99

Ringke Fusion Galaxy S6 case hands-on
On the off chance, If the  Galaxy S6 is essential to you,  the Crystal View cover case should be your target as it is totally transparent, and allows you appreciate the searches for your new device without it being  damaged. In case you're searching for something that is tad distinctive, however, Ringke has got your back with the Black and Smoke Black models and Mint-green rendition.

Asides the shading contrasts, they all share the same attributes, which includes anti-scratch finish for the back ,stun absorption, and four small guards at the four corners at the back of the case, this  helps to keep its surface free from scratch. This part is very essential as we regularly run over clear cases that get scratches and scrapes all over their backs, almost as soon as they come across anything that has a smooth area.

Another merit of Ringke's cover cases is the lightning port and headphones jack dust plug. The Galaxy S6's port for instance, is already grimy, and that's after holding on to it for about a month. However, these may act as a burden in case you're utilizing a dock with your S6 gadget.  So do consider that.

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