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Samsung Galaxy S5 Review

Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Review
This new smartphone disapointed many people (most of them are Galaxy S and Galaxy Note fans), who expected Sci-Fi hardware and software improvements. But for the most realistic people the ariving of this smartphone was a good news, including the new enhancements.

The most of you expected at last a 3GB of RAM, but in that case, what should Samsung bring to Note 4? A 4GB of RAM (that should imply a new CPU architecture - so, Galaxy Note 4 will have 3GB of RAM, too... else, for a bigger random memory access they will be forced to add a more powerful CPU)?

Main Specs

So, among Samsung Galaxy S5 specs I think that are important next specifications: it a 5.1 inches smatphone with a 1080 x 1920 pixels display (432 ppi), it support an external memory up to 128 GB (microSD), it has a 2GB of RAM, a 2.5 GHz CPU (quad-core), an Adreno 330 GPU, a 2800 mAh battery, NFC, a 2 Mpx (1080p@30fps) front camera and a 16 Mpx primary camera (it's awesome: for example you can make cool movies: 2160p@30fps or 1080p@60fps), a  fingerprint sensor (that is PayPal certified, but sometimes you need to try several scans to avoid errors), and the OS is Android v4.4.2 KitKat. The rest of features are not very important.

Should you buy it?

Yes, if you don't already have an S4 or a Note 3. Else... I think it would be a waste of money...

Best / Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S5 Price

Hmmm... That's one of the most important factors that will help many people to get or not a fresh last generation smartphone. So, in United States, you can find this gadget at prices starting from $0.00 at main mobile carriers: AT&T and Sprint. Also for an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 you can get it at $743. Of course, the prices will drop in first months after the release date, but... if you wish it very much... it's your choice...

Most important: