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AT&T Galaxy S4 pre-orders are starting from April 16th

Today was an important announcement made from AT&T about the date from which they will begin taking preorders for Samsung Galaxy S4.
Surprisingly, the date from which they will take preorders for the Galaxy S4 will be 16th April, which is in my opinion a delay of about 2 weeks, considering that other sites already offer to visitors as potential customers tabs for preorders, more, the buyers are also benefiting from substantial bonuses (you can find more details in other posts from this blog and doing so you will make very advantageous deals for a Samsung Galaxy S4).

The standard price established for Samsung Galaxy S4 is $250 with a contract for a period of at least two years, remains to be seen when the phone will be delivered to buyers, probably no earlier than 1st May.

However, Samsung has given a lesson to Apple, considering that the launch on March 14th has proven that Samsung can improve so much the hardware part of the smartphone's in just a few months after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

I anticipate that for at least two weeks ( between 16th April - May 1st) the preorders for Samsung Galaxy S4 will mean more than 10 million preoders for this amazing phone, considering that only Samsung Galaxy S3 sold, immediately after his launch, just a few months ago, more than 9 million units.

On this blog you can find all the details about preorders favorable for S4 fans.

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