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Galaxy S4 and his competition

Providing about 20% of Korea's GDP, Samsung is at the moment a giant in the branch of smartphones, notes and tablets, and from my perspective, this company would become the world leader in the near future, surpassing Apple smoothly.

Galaxy S Android phones are leading now, with more than 50 million units sold so far, therefore it's easy to understand that the bar is raised very high, and Samsung Galaxy S4 will have a lot to show for maintaining this trend.

Technical innovations and improvements will be required so; the first technology that allows you to scroll or change the pages without physically touching the phone, only by analyzing eye movements will greatly delight users and will prove useful in many situations.

If Samsung wants to stay as a leader, it must find solutions to meet the customers expectations for long lasting battery (4 or 5 days) or for more than 13 MP for camera. Now those are just dreams of the buyers and there are no technical solutions for solve it, but in the coming years, solutions will be found.

" Be ready 4 the next Galaxy!"

Most important: