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All you need to know about Samsung Galaxy S4 before buying it

Before you buy this phone you need to decide what color you want for your phone, and you can choose between two colors: black and white, the 5 inches screen with AMOLED technology and its slim appearance will surely impress you more, alsothe housing so thin with embedded technologies are even more advanced than those that could be found in laptops before. Like its predecessor, this phone has still only plastic casing, it only has an edge made of metal, which gives the phone that  premium quality aspect many of you have expecte long expected.
However, the issue raised by the owners of Samsung Galaxy S3 is related to his cheap appearance suggested by its plastic housing; this issue remain unresolved by Samsung Galaxy S4, but it compensates with his very modern design, compact, very easy, however this is only 130 g phone, and comparison is very simple if you compare Galaxy S4 with HTC, whose components are definitely from the premium category.

Overall, S4 Galaxy's appearance is very similar to that of the Galaxy S3, and if we are guided by the record number of sales of this, we anticipate that Samsung Galaxy S4 will have a sales volume at least equal to its previous version. Say from experience that barely feels this phone in your pocket, thus continuing the line of other products such as Samsung Galaxy Note 2, even Galaxy S3, creativity and inventiveness of the South Koreans is well known in this field.

Home button and the menu is very similar to the previous version, thus the new phone is very easy to use, accessible and friendly for all buyers. So, if you will buy this phone, and my advice is do not hesitate at all, do not make any problems about the menu and the phone's interface, because they are intuitive and easy to access, it is still one of the strengths ofthis phone for sale.

All you need to know about Samsung Galaxy S4 before buying
But if you present the phone in a public place, do not be surprised if others will not make the difference between Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 so easily, the two resembling very much in terms of appearance.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a updated design of S3, so do not expect the world to exclaim wow when they see your new purchase; in my opinion, this phone has to be purchased for its technical performance not for design, because not all of us are walking on catwalks, right? In other posts I will detail the amazing features that this phone has such display, because there are several innovations that deserve to be mentioned in future posts.

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