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Samsung Galaxy S4, the New York launch

The Launch on 14th March, 2013 in New York will be the first, for the past three years, in which Samsung has already announced so aggressively, through all media, the new features that the new phone will have.

Launch site selection in New York was motivated by Samsung's representatives, with the strongly requirements camed from many dealers that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 would be released next week in U.S.

Rumors and information within the company say that the new phone display will undergo a major change in size and quality, so the display will reach up to 5 inches and the resolution is at least 1920x1080, also, with 2 GB RAM and high-performance processor quad core. Including the operating system that will run is an Android Jelly Bean greatly improved.

However, there are many rumors that say that on this smartphone will run a processor with eight cores and a discrete graphic unit, also with 8 cores, which would mean that this phone would be thrown far ahead in front of its main competitor Apple, iPhone 5, and the 13 MP camera allows buyers to capture very small details from great distances.

The South Korean company will strengthen his position, but mostly it will improve his position, after the two more launches expected this year, and so the $ 210 billion will surely multiply, bringing much concern and anxiety within competing company, Apple. Rises even wonders whether the market will be saturated by samsung. Currently publicly traded share price of Samsung has recorded an average growth of 1.5%, but all figures are optimistic for Samsung and we expect this growth to be exponential, much higher over the next few months.

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