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Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S4

In United States, the price announced by AT&T for Samsung Galaxy S4 is a bit surprising, given that its main competitor, the iPhone 5, has a starting price of $199. AT&T has a starting price of $249 for Galaxy S4, with a storage capacity of 32 GB, but also, you can choose versions with 16 GB or 64 GB of internal memory storage, depending by your needs.

The smartphone without a yearly plan has a price of $649, it's very similar to iPhone 5's.
So, at AT&T the officially announced and confirmed price for Galaxy S4 is $249 with a contract for a period of at least two years, so with $50 more than the price of iPhone 5.
However, this price is not fixed for all mobile operators, so my advice is to consult many offers from several U.S. mobile operators before deciding to purchase from a mobile carrier or another this last smartphone generation, the most wanted of 2013, until now.

We will see now what deals will come from Verizon or Sprint, in this blog you will find offers from many U.S. mobile operators. We are all used at start with a higher price followed in the coming months by substantial discounts campaigns, in which they provide great bonuses for winning customers and increase satisfaction of those existing customers.

Cheapest Galaxy S4In recent years, Walmart, Radio Shack, Amazon or even Best Buy came with large discounts: for exemple, for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 the discount they had provided was up to $200, at just two months after launching the product, so its price reached even the price of $99 .

Given that Samsung has promised to sell over 100 million units of Samsung Galaxy S4, the original price of $249 will surely change in the following months to attract more customers.

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