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Unveiling Day for Samsung Galaxy S4

Now, only hours before launch, many of the rumors we had heard about this phone turned certainties and we already know that some of its technical specifications. The images coming from the inside but from unofficial sources, shows that Samsung Galaxy S4 will look a lot like Samsung Galaxy S3, only it will be a bit larger than this.

Samsung anticipates that it will have to sell more than 10 million phones in one month. Imagine the giant machine that must be behind the scenes for all orders to be delivered.

Samsung has already checked all manufacturers to ensure that delivery will be done smoothly, having the experience from last year launch. With such a huge demand, organizing and planning should be an art. It has shown that he bets more on Galaxy S4, than Galaxy S3, waiting a greater success from it. Success will be measured in sales volume, so the comparison is easy to be done.

Anyway, the bar was very high with S3, now Galaxy S4 must prove his value. Now the countdown has begun and we must be ready for the next galaxy. On the Internet some photos with the new phone have already appeared, even a video with its reviews. From reliable sources, I will say that this phone will have a PHOLED screen that will consume much less energy than other types of screens.

The scroll function activated only bu eye movements of the buyers, would be a great novelty in the field, also a very good quality and the display size of about 5 inches, will create a very good impression.

Looking forward launching today!

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