Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories: Cases, Wallets, Screen Protectors, Chargers, etc.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S4 only after a hands on experience!

Samsung already expects sales volume to exceed all estimations, taking the decision to open more minicenters throughout the U.S. in areas with major sales. These selling points will first appear only in locations with heavy traffic, according to official sources, their purpose being to meet the great demand for Samsung Galaxy S4.
These minicenters located in other specialized shops are visibly Samsung branded, and the best people in sales from Samsung will be placed at these points to demonstrate how all smartphones and tablets from Samsung work, thereby helping to highlight special specifications and innovative Samsung products they have.

It seems that these outlets will appear exactly at the time when Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available for sale in the U.S., Samsung has not yet officially announced the date on which Galaxy S4 will arrive in the U.S., but AT&T has already announced that it will begin taking preorders for Samsung Galaxy S4 on April 16.

This idea to create outlets within existing Best Buy locations, is not new, it has already been implemented for a long time by its largest competitor, Apple. Giving prospective buyers the opportunity to test, touch and play with the electronic devices from Samsung, so with this smartphone Galaxy S4, before entering into a two years plan for a smartphone, for example, is a very good idea, especially for anyone who is fascinated by this amazing Galaxy S4, after the first few minutes of use, because it has features and applications for all categories of buyers.

This successful model was implemented and taken over by other companies in the field, proving a successful strategy for increasing sales.

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S4

In United States, the price announced by AT&T for Samsung Galaxy S4 is a bit surprising, given that its main competitor, the iPhone 5, has a starting price of $199. AT&T has a starting price of $249 for Galaxy S4, with a storage capacity of 32 GB, but also, you can choose versions with 16 GB or 64 GB of internal memory storage, depending by your needs.

The smartphone without a yearly plan has a price of $649, it's very similar to iPhone 5's.
So, at AT&T the officially announced and confirmed price for Galaxy S4 is $249 with a contract for a period of at least two years, so with $50 more than the price of iPhone 5.
However, this price is not fixed for all mobile operators, so my advice is to consult many offers from several U.S. mobile operators before deciding to purchase from a mobile carrier or another this last smartphone generation, the most wanted of 2013, until now.

We will see now what deals will come from Verizon or Sprint, in this blog you will find offers from many U.S. mobile operators. We are all used at start with a higher price followed in the coming months by substantial discounts campaigns, in which they provide great bonuses for winning customers and increase satisfaction of those existing customers.

Cheapest Galaxy S4In recent years, Walmart, Radio Shack, Amazon or even Best Buy came with large discounts: for exemple, for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 the discount they had provided was up to $200, at just two months after launching the product, so its price reached even the price of $99 .

Given that Samsung has promised to sell over 100 million units of Samsung Galaxy S4, the original price of $249 will surely change in the following months to attract more customers.

Pre-orders and delivery time for S4 in U.S.

Galaxy S4 will start tol sell on 16th April at AT & T, which has a cost of $249 with a two years contract, which is very convenient from my point of view. You will find on this blog handy informations and all the details for preorders, having the advantage of substantial bonuses if you ask for preorders at your local operators who loyal in this way those interested in this smartphone.
Details from AT&T for preorders are those: the smartphone will be available for preorders starting April 16th for only $249 for a two years agreement. However, no official date has been announced for preorders delivery, anyway no earlier than 1st May, so probably nobody can hold in their hands this amazing phone that excels in the hardware, software and applications.

Preorders and delivery for S4 in U.S.
According to the first impressions and according to some surveys compiled by experts in the field, Samsung Galaxy S4 rises well above all expectations, so surely it will have a record volume of sales that will surpass tha standard  already reached by Samsung Galaxy S3.

The hardware but also the software specifications of the phone makes it suitable for first place in a top of the best phones of the moment.

Pre-orders and prices for Galaxy S4 in U.S.

So far one thing is certain: Samsung set for Galaxy S4 a higher price than that of the iPhone 5, given the improvements that come with this smartphone. AT&T has officially announced that it will begin taking preorders for the Galaxy S4, the most anticipated smartphone of the year 2013, from April, 16th.
Price announced for preorders is $250, the operator has not yet announced the date from which the phone will be available for sale in stores, or the date from which preorders will be delivered to customers, but usually, the delivery for preorders is done no later than two weeks away from the time of order, so after 1st May is likely the phone will reach shelves.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the successor to Galaxy S3 that has already beated Apple successful in terms of sales volume, and specs. However, AT&T was the first operator that had announced prices and the date from which him will begin taking preorders.

Pre orders and prices for Galaxy S4 in the U.S.
Let's do a brief recap: Samsung launched this phone on 14th March, which has a full HD screen of 5 inches, with a resolution of 1080x1920 pixels and a great pixel density of 441 ppi, 8 core Exynos processor or quad core Snapdragon processor for other regions, 2 GB of RAM and a storage capacity of 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB, depending on the buyers needs.

With a 13MP camera and 2MP in the front, the phone has options for dual shots, shot eraser that removes persons from photos, or Cinema Photo, so this phone is amazing.

Prices and pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4 in UK

For greater clarity i must do the following warning: prices vary greatly depending on how you decide to have this amazing phone: it is more expensive SIM free and much cheaper when it comes to a contract for at least two years, this applies to all mobile operators.
Many official announcements have given on April 26th, for the day when Galaxy S4 will be available in the UK, now remains to be seen whether the promises will be kept, given the high demand of the people for it and their eagerness to have this amazing phone as soon as possible.

Daily on this blog you will find the latest information about this phone, prices and pre-orders, about the best deals that you can do at this time, some operators even gaving potentials clients the opportunity to earn substantial bonuses, which is the loyalty policy of those who want to gain more clients during this period.

Prices for Samsung Galaxy S4 in United Kingdom
If you want to make a deal with Carphone, then an unlocked Galaxy S4 will not be earlier than 26 th April, and it will cost about £630 without contract. For a monthly contract of £40 the price of the phone cheapens a lot.

EE payments varies between £270 with 24 monthly payments of about £30, for these contracts you would have 4G options included. Contracts concluded for periods of one year monthly payments are doubled to £60, but the amount paid at the beginning is just £100. In these posts here you will find details about prices and other operators.

AT&T Galaxy S4 pre-orders are starting from April 16th

Today was an important announcement made from AT&T about the date from which they will begin taking preorders for Samsung Galaxy S4.
Surprisingly, the date from which they will take preorders for the Galaxy S4 will be 16th April, which is in my opinion a delay of about 2 weeks, considering that other sites already offer to visitors as potential customers tabs for preorders, more, the buyers are also benefiting from substantial bonuses (you can find more details in other posts from this blog and doing so you will make very advantageous deals for a Samsung Galaxy S4).

The standard price established for Samsung Galaxy S4 is $250 with a contract for a period of at least two years, remains to be seen when the phone will be delivered to buyers, probably no earlier than 1st May.

However, Samsung has given a lesson to Apple, considering that the launch on March 14th has proven that Samsung can improve so much the hardware part of the smartphone's in just a few months after the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

I anticipate that for at least two weeks ( between 16th April - May 1st) the preorders for Samsung Galaxy S4 will mean more than 10 million preoders for this amazing phone, considering that only Samsung Galaxy S3 sold, immediately after his launch, just a few months ago, more than 9 million units.

On this blog you can find all the details about preorders favorable for S4 fans.

Telus: prices and pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4

The pre-launching campaigns of Galaxy S4, had attracted many people from worldwide, and now, the curiosity about this smartphones became virality and millions of fans are wanting to have it in them hands, to live custom experiences in using the most powerful Samsung's smartphone.
Telus Mobility is one of the major canadian mobile carriers that will bring very soon, to the citizens's hands, the new Samsung Galaxy S4. This mobile operator has more than 7 million customers, and its main competitors determines it to became very active in the race of being the first mobile carrier that will release Galaxy S4 in Canada.

Telus: Galaxy S4 pre-orders

Telus: prices and pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4
Even on the Internet the prices range for pre-orders is between $700 and $1400, for this mobile operator, being competitive in price offers is a must, in order to maintains its customers and gaining new ones. So, for Telus Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders, the starting prices will be around $750 for an unlocked smartphone, an additional cost of $100 for a bundle (it depends by the included accessories), and arround $249 for yearly plans.

Anyway, since the first days after the release time, Telus must to prepare very competitive starting prices for canadian citizens, in order to get a big range from the local market of S4 fans.

Telus Galaxy S4 release day

The most probable day for the release of S4 by Telus will be at the end of April or the beginning of May, 2013, but some people are saying that the release day would come in the middle of April. Although the main canadian mobile operators announced that the Galaxy S4 will be release on the second quarter for Canada (without any specification about the month, week or day), we still hope that this "day" will come very soon.

Bell: prices and pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4

Day by day, since a few weeks after the official S4 release, people nerves are pressed harder and harder until the first release days organized by nationwide and local mobile carriers. Everyone wants to get S4 and enjoy by the first hands on experiences.
With more than 7 million customers, Bell Mobility is an important player on canadian mobile operators market, and it's hardly involved in the race of bringing the new smartphone in hands of canadian people.

Bell: Galaxy S4 pre-orders

Bell: pre-order Samsung Galaxy S4
After a short research on the Internet, I found that the most expensive S4 costs up to $1400, and the cheapest Galaxy S4 cost is a half from the maximum price (above mentioned) - it's a huge difference!

Bell Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders should start from a lower price, maybe in a range of $700 - $750, so, the canadian mobile carrier can use a competitive price to maintain its existing customers and getting new ones. Also the first days and weeks are critical for S4 sales, because in that period the people will be interested at maximum for this smartphone.

Also, I think for a bundle we wouldn't pay more than $100 for included accessories, and for yearly plans prices would fall to $349, maybe $299.

Bell Galaxy S4 release day

Even none of the canadian mobile carriers didn't announce an official release day for Samsung Galaxy S4, we know that this magic moments will arrive in Canada (as in the entire world), in the second quarter of this year. But which month? If we're looking to the past of Samsung Galaxy releases, then we can speculate that S4 will be released between the middle of April and the end of this month (maybe the beginning of May).

Rogers: prices and pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4

Also, in Canada, many tensions was accumulated around the new last generation smartphone, fresh released at NY on March 14th, 2013, and many people are expecting until the release days to arrive the first pre-orders from canadian mobile carriers.
With more than 9 million customers, Rogers Wireless (with Fido,)can't stay away from the strong competition created in the race to bring Galaxy S4 in hands of canadian people. On the internet, prices of pre-orders for S4 records a huge range,  from $750 to $1400, even on the biggest online stores.

Rogers: Galaxy S4 pre-orders

On the Internet, prices tends to be now at a high level, but as a mobile carrier Rogers Wireless pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4, these must stay at a minimum price! It's a must, and to maintain its customers and to gain even new ones, Rogers S4 pre-orders must be very competitive on canadian market. So, its prices would start from $750 for an unlocked Galaxy S4... anyway, not more than $800 for this smartphone.

For a bundle the included accessories would not cost more than an additional $100 for a smartphone, and the yearly plans would start from $299, even $349, it depends by the contracting period.

Rogers S4 release day

Until now, none of the mobile operators didn't announce a release day, but we certainly know that this day will be established in the second quarter of 2013. When exactly? We don't know, but the earlier time for its arriving is the middle of April, but not later than the end of next month or the beginning of May.


It seems that Rogers will release Galaxy S4 and other high-end smartphones on April 19th.

Pre-orders from T-Mobile for Samsung Galaxy S4 in U.S.

In this post I will show you some of the T-Mobile's tricks you can use in your advantage when you buy this amazing phone. T-Mobile is one of the 4 major U.S. mobile operators from which you can preorder, having advantageous and consistent bonuses.
T-Mobile will sell the Galaxy S4 in its stores and online, online it will have a starting price of just $199 per contract. Yes, you read that righ: for Galaxy S4, the starting price when you order it online from T-Mobile in the US will be just $199, this is the policy of the T-Mobile US to attract more clients and make a lot of sales.

The start price for purchasing online Samsung Galaxy S4 with a 16 GB storage capacity is $199, with a 2 year contract, for which you have to pay monthly $20.

Pre-orders from T-Mobile for Samsung Galaxy S4 in U.S.
If you want my opinion, I say T-Mobile has very well adopted the policy of selling, creating the concept of sales in leasing; basically is a long-term contract, even though T-Mobile is reluctant to use long term contract to not scare buyers with a long-term perspective. The idea is to pay less for the phone or for the car at beggining, but month after month, for one or more years, to pay the remaining value of the phone or the car thus acquired without too much financial effort.

Now, to make a comparison with the competition: until now, it appears that Verizon, AT & T, Sprint, which are the leading operators in the US will have tariff plans less advantageous for buyers than T-Mobile, so my advice is to check first the offers from T-Mobile.

Specials on pre-orders for Galaxy S4

Competition between smartphones is so great, that a vendor came with promising strategy for each Samsung Galaxy S4 bought a new Samsung Galaxy tablet will be received by you as a gift.
In recent months all the latest phones immediately after launch have been available only to preorders in the first weeks, but for Galaxy S4 no longer raise the issue of whether preorder it, but where it is cheaper to make these preorders, so that you have the best purchase for your money.

The strategy to provide a bonus to those who buy top products, consisting in devices made from the same manufacturing companies (Samsung in this case) is not new in the field, and now for Samsung Galaxy S4, such promotion is valid for each preorder at Galaxy S4 you will receive a free Galaxy Tab 2, if you pay now for the  phone. I think it's a tidy affair and you, as a buyer, had just won: get quicker your desired phone, plus an exciting bonus. Moreover, you will get the phone with a few days before it is available at local retailers in the U.S.

In conclusion, if you sign a preorder now, you have only advantages: you get your hands on a high-performance mobile long before all others, and, following this blog, you'll learn how to get and bonuses of these preorders.

Pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4

Although it was launched only two weeks ago, Galaxy S4 has already surpassed the first world record, according to U.S. statistics, the buyer's interest is already much higher than it was last year for Samsung Galaxy S3.
U.S. retailers give a higher figures for Galaxy S4 pre-orders, with 40% more that we had last year for Samsung Galaxy S3, and if these figures are correct, the growth is truly amazing.

The enthusiasm of those who wish to acquire this high-performance smartphone is very high and is particularly complex due to the technical specifications of the phone and innovative technology which it is equipped with.

Pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4
Until the launch of Galaxy S4, his predecessor Galaxy S3 was the best selling device running Android, but this record was already surpassed in the first 48 hours since Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched. I already have the courage to say that Samsung Galaxy S4 will be the best selling phone of the year 2013.

Galaxy S3 had sold over 50 million copies in less than a year, so a possible doubling of the volume of sales is not impossible, given that Samsung Galaxy S4 came with significant improvements since its launch in March, 14th: full HD screen with AMOLED technology, 13 MP camera and an interface that does not even have to touch because it works only by analyzing eye movements. Check the preorders to get this phone at soon as possible.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is better than iPhone 5 - part two

Galaxy S4 will soon be available at all major mobile operators including T-Mobile, so is likely to soon become bestselling product ever launched by Samsung in the past years.
Another reason why I advise you to buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 instead an iPhone 5, because Galaxy S4 has a much better display resolution of 1920x1080 with 441 pixels per inch, unlike Iphone 5 that has a lower resolution of only 1136x640 and a pixel density of only 326 pixels per inch.

The personal assistant Google Now which runs on Galaxy S4 is much better than Siri assistant, giving the user much more useful information such as its routine, work program of the week,or alternative routes in traffic to avoid traffic jams. Now Google can help you even to book tickets and see weather forecasts. Siri simply has been overtaken by Google now.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is better than iPhone 5 - part two
Galaxy S4 has more memory, 2 GB of RAM, which means that the phone from Samsung is much faster than Iphone 5, it can run multiple applications simultaneously, it can have several tabs open at once, and overall is much faster than Apple's phone.
 IPhone 5 barely has half the memory of Galaxy S4, because Iphone 5 has only 1 Gb of RAM.

Galaxy S4 has a removable battery, which means that when battery runs out, you dont need to connect the phone to a power source, Samsung has already sales extensive removable batteries.

Samsung Galaxy S4's buyers can extend the storage capacity with 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB.

Hourglass is already reversed, so my advice is already doing pre-contracts to local operators for this amazing smartphone which is Samsung Galaxy S4.

Cricket: prices and pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4

After each day, the tension is increasing in the race of first U.S mobile carrier that will release to american people the most wanted smartphone of the year!
So, with a market of 5.8 million customers, Cricket Wireless can't permit to stay away from the strong competition for releasing the new Galaxy S4! People have became crazies about S4, and prices over the Internet for pre-orders rises veri high, up to $1340, but, let be honest, to offer more than $1000 for S4 is too much! So, I recommend you to wait a little more time for mobile carriers' offers.

Cricket: pre-orders for Galaxy S4

Cricket: prices and pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4
The most realitic and honest price for this smartphone is arround $850, with a 50 bucks margin (plus or minus). So, Cricket will stay arround this price for an unlocked  Galaxy S4, as well as all its competitors, if it cares about (it want to keep) customers. Accessories for a bundle wouldn't go over $100 and yearly plans would start from $249, maybe $199.

Anyway, the first weeks after the Cricket release day for S4 will be critical, because in that period will be recorder the hugest sales for this smartphone, and this mobile carrier knows that these moments will be vital for "S4 business".

Cricket release day for S4

Many rumors can be found on the Internet, but it seems that the end of April or the beginning of May would be the most probable period. Also, some people said that the middle of April would be the release period for all major U.S. mobile operators. Anyway, certain is that many mobile carriers announced a specific release period for the second quarter of 2013, but none of them didn't mention a month.

U.S. Cellular: prices and pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4

Even its customers counts 5.8 million people, it's an active mobile carrier when it needs to bring the latest generation smartphones to the U.S. citizens.
U.S. Cellular is one of the first mobile operators that announced soon after March 14th, that a release day is comming for Galaxy S4 in second quarter of 2013.

U.S. Cellular pre-orders for Galaxy S4

U.S. Cellular: prices and pre-orders for a Samsung Galaxy S4
To gain the race on your local market or for your customers when a new smartphone was announced is very important for and american mobile carrier, and so, U.S. Cellular pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4 are a high priority if we think that in fist days and even weeks after the release day of a powerful smartphone, represents a huge quantity of sales - usually 10% - 20% of customers ensure the main revenues for the vendor of a high-end smartphone, like S4.

But what will be the U.S. Cellular prices for Galaxy S4? Well... not too far away than its competitors prices. On U.S. market mobile carriers will offer three ways to get this smartphone: unlocked, bundle and yearly plans. An unlocked Galaxy S4 will costs arround $799 - $899, a bundle will have an additional prices of $100 (it depends by the included accessories), and S4 with a yearly plan will costs between $249 - $299, but some people believes that the starting price will be $199.

U.S. Cellular release day for S4

Until now only speculations had crossed over the internet, but the most expected date for the release day of Galaxy S4 seems to be at the end of April, or the beginning of May, 2013. Although, it is not excluded that the launching date for U.S. mobile carriers to be in the middle of April.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is better than iPhone 5 - part one

This phone just released on March, 14 th is equipped with hardware and latest technologies software incorporated, far exceeding those from Apple.
The 13 MP camera, eye tracking technology, and generally idea of handling the phone without physically touching it, along with other innovative features of this smartphone, all gave Samsung an significant advance ahead of the competition and especially ahead of Apple's main competitor. Below I will present a few of the reasons why Samsung Galaxy S4 is better than iPhone 5.

It is much faster than the iPhone 5, as it has a quad core processor, not a dual core, like iPhone 5, laboratory tests have shown that Galaxy S4 is two times faster than the iPhone 5.

Galaxy's screen is much larger than the screen of the iPhone 5, having 5 inches; such a larger screen means more applications run simultaneously on the same page, more space for video and much better quality.

Galaxy S4 has more performance for your application to, with the 13 MP camera, while the iPhone 5 has only 8 MP camera. Shooting and editing images with Galaxy S4 is much easier, because it has options to blur portions of photos, or to sync photos with those of friends.

Galaxy S4 has better operating system than Iphone5, with the android 4.2.2 Samsung's buyers can download applications much easier and can synchronize their phones with compatible Samsung TVs. Furthermore, the Galaxy S4 suggest his user programs and applications according to its search history and recently run programs, so helping to customize and adapt to the specific needs of the buyer.

Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available to all local mobile operators, including T-Mobile.

Why you must have a Galaxy S4

This smartphone's camera is a step forward compared to its predecessor, having great features and latest technology. The 13 MP are serious competition for almost 70% of non-professional cameras that sells in electronics stores, and for this reason only, the phone is amazing.

It remains to be seen how it will be received by the buyers, Samsung having to face serious competition made by HTC Oneand Nokia Lumia 920 who also have latest specs.

Having functions such face detecting, anti shake, autonight detection and others, Samsung Galaxy S4 is a phone that can be used without problems for taking picture at a high quality, i think Galaxy S4 is simply amazing.

If you set the camera on movie mode, you can shoot a short video, being able to have a moving background in which a person remains motionless, the video could be saved in gif format for easier access.

The 2 MP in the front of the phone lets you make high definition video recording, so you can achieve simultaneously photos or video with the front camera both ways with the 13 MP camera. These options will certainly be appreciated by enthusiastics in the field who are great fans of special effects. The newest technologies in the field are on this phone.

Practical and useful applications of the Samsung Galaxy S4

As a result of collaboration between Samsung and Visa, after buying this phone you will be able to make secure payments with your phone, which can become a very secure payment tool. PayWave application that is included in the phone's menu allows you to make secure payments without a validation code from various networks for payment mechanisms.
Also, if you want to install other applications from other vendors on yout phone, you can do so without problems by installing them on the phones or directly by activating Bluetooth function. Samsung Galaxy S4 has improved the keyboard too compared with the Galaxy S3, now it is much easier to use, with the autocomplete function, that predicts the words that the user intends to write, saving time.

Galaxy S4 has already surpassed all other products from Samsung, having the best media applications; with such a performant video player, a full HD screen with AMOLED technology, allows you watching movies in excellent quality.

Video channel contains personal materials and downloadable materials, all in one place, that can be viewed at a very good quality on this screen with 5 inches. Experience is stunning, because all phone's features are superlative: large display, contrast and excellent color palette. Browsing through phone menus is easy, bacause all phone functions are intuitive and have share option to download and share with other phones various materials without barriers.

Practical and useful applications of the Samsung Galaxy S4
This smartphone can be connected and the TV even remorely, if the device is turned on. Another interesting feature of the Galaxy S4 is mirroring that works this way: you send or display any of the phone's screen on another device, the TV or other devices that are compatible with Samsung. However, this feature was not introduced now, it has being found in Galaxy S3, too, the difference would be that it is better implemented in Galaxy S4, having greater speed and accuracy of the image.

In terms of internal storage capacity, Samsung release the three versions from which any buyer can choose: 16 GB, 32 GB or GB. My guess is that these storage capacities are still higher than anyone would ever need for a portable device like the smartphone. However, for users who need a bigger storage capacity, you can expand it and having even more storage capacity, this can be done with an expandable battery, another great idea from the producers who thought at everyone's needs.

T-Mobile: prices and pre-orders for a Samsung Galaxy S4

Having a market of 33 million U.S. customers, T-Mobile is known as 4th major american mobile carrier, and  it's engaged in the race of bringing Samsung Galaxy S4 in USA as soon as possible.
Even that soon after the release day of S4 in NY, many US mobile operators announced that this last generation smartphone will arrive very quickly in hands of american citizens, until now none of these didn't bring S4.

T-Mobile pre-orders for Galaxy S4

T-Mobile: prices and pre-orders for a Samsung Galaxy S4
One of the critical moments for each mobile operator is determined by the launching of every new smartphone that will be released on public markets by the biggest vendors, in our case: Samsung. T-Mobile USA is preparing the release day of S4 with prices strongly related to others U.S. competitors, and this is a critical step to be competitive on market.

T-Mobile prices and pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4 aren't officially communicated, yet. But thinking and  making a short analize of the history of other release mobile products by this mobile carrier and others, we can make some predictions. So, starting prices for an unlocked version would be arround $800, for a bundle wouldn't be over additional $100, and yearly plans would be arround $249 - $299.

T-Mobile - S4 release day

None U.S. mobile carrier announced an official date for the release day of Galaxy S4, but usually in a month after the first official release organized by Samsung, every new launched smartphone arrive in hands of people in maximum a month. Even the major U.S. mobile carriers officially communicated that SGS4 will be released in second quarter of 2013, we expect it to be available for sales in the middle of April, or maximum at the beginning of May.

Innovations that comes with Galaxay S4, and that competitors do not have

Scrolling Eye is an innovation introduced by this phone now and stay smart function tracks eye movements to determine if the user is looking at the screen or not, thus saving the battery by turning off the application that was running when the phone determines that the user has no eyes fixed to the screen, Smart Pause will pause any applications running at the time, and smart scroll will scroll pages depending on where the user's eyes fixed.
However the two functions are not snapshots, so anyway a few seconds will be lost when you do not look carefully at the screen but the function may be very helpful in terms of saving battery. In the tests we have done the internet search speed was extraordinarily high, and what impressed us was the clarity with which web pages were displayed, the clarity at the zoom function.

Apple or even HTC already has similar applications, but the novelty is that you should never touch with your finger the phone display. And smart voice function was improved, thus having more accuracy for sound played and the smart alert were improved with Air Gesture, all offering users the possibility of accessing large phone menus and its functions without physically touching the phone.

Innovations that comes with Galaxay S4, and that competitors do not have
Hover mode allows the user to see in preview sites different applications, such as emails, or viewing the speed dial. For those who are already familiar with Android operating system, you should notice that this improved version is found at Galaxy S4 with some changes in the settings: the setup menu is divided into 4 zones, offering the posibility to synchronization or to obtain details about the phone.

My guess is that with this new Smartphone, Samsung has managed to give a uniform look for the phone's menus, the best news for users is the increased screen, the improved processor performance, all resulting to be the next generation of applications and performances that can be achieved by running complex programs on smartphones like Galaxy S4, which will be on sale in less than two weeks in the U.S.

Reasons to order a Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung is the first company to introduce its mobile GD full screen, both HTC and Sony's already on sale products that have this technology included. Samsung has come up with an improved shape to this new version, although not very large differences from Galaxy S3 design, which was largely preserved.
Brightness, image sharpness, brightness, are all improved Samsung Galaxy S4, thus resulting in a more attractive screen for all types of applications. Pixel density of 441 not exceeds that of HTC, but it's big enough to please any average smartphone buyer. Beyond first impressions created by modern and avant-garde design of this phone, to get innovative and technical specifications with which it is equipped.

Screen size and compact shape slim phone help all users to handle with utmost ease, so in conclusion: if you do not mind plastic casing of the phone, you will be surprise to discover full HD technology only reason worth to test this amazing device.Samsung has added some interesting upgrades in terms of interface that has, so it will definitely be a cause for praise for its users, unlocking the phone is made ??much easier now that will give reason to play for users of all ages and all classes.

Just looking at these few external factors we can see that Samsung has simply tried to improve very much this phone, but the most substantial improvements were made ??hardware that von listed and discussed below. Anyone would be impressed just reading the list of technical specifications, but still I will mention only what gives that element of uniqueness phone.

Reasons to order a Samsung Galaxy S4Accessing the Phone menu, and in general to all applications greatly simplified and the screen is now more airy and less busy. Android 4.2.2 improved, also known as the Jelly Bean, enables a wide range of applications, only a recall on the newly introduced eye scrolling or eye tracking, how you want to name.

Search the display does not require too much processor phone, but turn out to be increasingly easier and more intuitive, and can be used instantly to all users. Fear those who have more technical knowledge is the processor with 8 cores and 2GB RAM will consume most of the battery this phone is equipped with remains to be seen how Samsung solved this difficulty.

All you need to know about Samsung Galaxy S4 before buying it

Before you buy this phone you need to decide what color you want for your phone, and you can choose between two colors: black and white, the 5 inches screen with AMOLED technology and its slim appearance will surely impress you more, alsothe housing so thin with embedded technologies are even more advanced than those that could be found in laptops before. Like its predecessor, this phone has still only plastic casing, it only has an edge made of metal, which gives the phone that  premium quality aspect many of you have expecte long expected.
However, the issue raised by the owners of Samsung Galaxy S3 is related to his cheap appearance suggested by its plastic housing; this issue remain unresolved by Samsung Galaxy S4, but it compensates with his very modern design, compact, very easy, however this is only 130 g phone, and comparison is very simple if you compare Galaxy S4 with HTC, whose components are definitely from the premium category.

Overall, S4 Galaxy's appearance is very similar to that of the Galaxy S3, and if we are guided by the record number of sales of this, we anticipate that Samsung Galaxy S4 will have a sales volume at least equal to its previous version. Say from experience that barely feels this phone in your pocket, thus continuing the line of other products such as Samsung Galaxy Note 2, even Galaxy S3, creativity and inventiveness of the South Koreans is well known in this field.

Home button and the menu is very similar to the previous version, thus the new phone is very easy to use, accessible and friendly for all buyers. So, if you will buy this phone, and my advice is do not hesitate at all, do not make any problems about the menu and the phone's interface, because they are intuitive and easy to access, it is still one of the strengths ofthis phone for sale.

All you need to know about Samsung Galaxy S4 before buying
But if you present the phone in a public place, do not be surprised if others will not make the difference between Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 so easily, the two resembling very much in terms of appearance.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a updated design of S3, so do not expect the world to exclaim wow when they see your new purchase; in my opinion, this phone has to be purchased for its technical performance not for design, because not all of us are walking on catwalks, right? In other posts I will detail the amazing features that this phone has such display, because there are several innovations that deserve to be mentioned in future posts.

AT&T: prices and pre-orders for a Samsung Galaxy S4

In United States, AT&T is one of the most powerful mobile carriers, that brings every new mobile devices on american market as soon as possible, usually it is winning the races with its competitors.
After the release of SGS4, at New York, on March 14th, 2013, all main mibile operators announced that pre-orders for S4 are comming soon, but now, none of them offered some certain prices for different offers (unlocked, bundle or yearly plans).

AT&T pre-orders for Galaxy S4

AT&T: prices and pre-orders for a Samsung Galaxy S4

With an 107 million american customers market, AT&T Mobility can't loose the start in the race competition for the first days release of S4. AT&T pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4 should arrive in the front of US citizens from first day of the official release prepared by this mobile carrier.

Related to AT&T prices for Samsung Galaxy S4, nothing is certain, yet. But if we are taking a look to the available prices for S4 on the Internet, then we can anticipate that the unlocked version of S4 will cost arround $800 - $850, an additional price of $100 for a bundle, and a starting price for yearly plans will be $249 or $299.

Release date at AT&T

Even nobody can't offer an exactly date, if we are looking to AT&T's history in relationships with the release dates of new last generation smartphones, we can anticipate that th most probable launching date for S4 into AT&T will be at the end of April or the beginning of May, 2013! More over, the most US mobile carriers confirmed the release day for Samsung galaxy S4 in second quarter of this year (but they didn't offered anything about which mounth).

Hands on Samsung Galaxy S4

We have improved this post on this subject, because after launching the phone on March 14th, we have obtained all the information about the facilities it has and so it was necessary to adjust the article. However the phone comes with a huge screen, a camera very much improved, very powerful and fast processor and the size is about the same as Samsung Galaxy S3.
Many people will be tempted to highlight the differences between earlier versions of Galaxy and this phone, considering that plastic housing remained a constant in all versions. Now, this phone has a metal line around the screen that gives it premium quality, even if the rest casing is still made from plastic.

Hands on Samsung Galaxy S4
Even before his launch, many of its technical specs leaked by sources, and many have proven to be very true, however only the technical specifications are not worth anything if they are not a package, so the natural question occurring now is: how much Galaxy S4 manages to surpass its previous version, Galaxy S3, and especially how much manages to surpass the competitors phones? Depending on the response, we can forecasts the sales that Samsung will have, as well as those concerning the leadership position of the South Korean company.

Samsung has introduced this phone since its launch as a mobile improved in 4 main areas: better camera, connect much better with others, improvements to health and wellbeing of the customers, simply done to facilitate and improve the lives of his customers. I believe that this perspective is a bit exaggerated, but it must be recognized that Galaxy S4 improved almost every specification compared to its previous versions.

Sprint: prices and pre-orders for a Samsung Galaxy S4

Many people became crazies in the expecting time for the release on american market of SGS4, and every day seems to be a week, or longer.
Soon, after the release date, many U.S. mobile carriers announced that pre-orders for S4 will be available in United States, but until now, none of them offered some certain prices.

Sprint pre-orders for Galaxy S4

Sprint: prices and pre-orders for a Samsung Galaxy S4
Since Sprint is selling Samsung Galaxy Note 3 at the cheapest price in the U.S. for yearly plans, many S4 fans has moved them attention to Sprint, and they are expecting some great offers for yearly plans, usually starting from $199, but if we take in consideration that Samsung Galaxy S4 is a little more expensive that any previous Galaxy smartphone, then Sprint's yearly plans starting price would be $249 or even $299.

For an unlocked S4, on the intenet, prices oscillates between $800 and $900, but at Sprint Nextel is expected that Samsung Galaxy S4 to be a little more cheaper, arround $700 to $800. Also, for a bundle, prices wouldn't go over $100, it depend by the included accessories.

Release date at Sprint

After reading many articles about the most probable date of release day by US mobile operators, the earlier time to expect for S4 to arrive in the hands of first american customers is the middle of April 2013, but some realistic predictions says that Samsung Galaxy S4 will be release by US mobile carriers at the end of April or the beginning of May 2013. So, we have to wait up to a month to get some S4 offers from Sprint and its competitors.

Prices for Samsung Galaxy S4 in USA

If you are looking for a Samsung Galaxy S4, certainly you want to know how the prices are for it. First you must decide if you want to buy this phone freely, outside of a contract, but you'll buy it cheaper with a contract from one of the local telephone operators in your area of residence. In this post I will present several pricing plans to help you in making a favorable decision to you, as a potential buyer.
Surely if you will buy Samsung Galaxy S4 out of a contract, you will pay at least $600, according to official sources from Samsung, which had already announced a retail price of about $650. However, before its release, others officials from the company had announced a price slightly smaller, for about $579, which was subsequently adjusted by increasing it to over $600.

My advice to you is to buy this phone under a contract, because in this way you will manage to save a considerable amount of money. Thus, with a contract for a period of at least two years, the phone will be available for just $199 or even less, this is the price you will find at local operators like Tmobile, Sprint, Verizon or even AT & T.

This smartphone can be purchased for prices similar to those for iPhone 5, which is around $ 650, still worth every penny, considering that you get a modern display,  a faster processor, a better camera performance and a large variety of other applications,now the question is whether Apple will lower the price to compete with Samsung. Since the price for HTC One has not been yet announced, rumors say around $ 830, I can say that Samsung had a very good position in relation to its leading competitors. However, already the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 sells on Amazon for $472.

Verizon: prices and pre-orders for a Samsung Galaxy S4

Since S4's release from New York, many US mobile carriers announced a strong competition starting with pre-orders at SGS4.
All major mobile operators promised to the american people that soon the fans will can pre-order a Samsung  Galaxy S4 smartphone, but none offered an exactly date!

Verizon pre-orders for Galaxy S4

Many SGS4 fans are looking closely to Verizon Wireless, because this mobile carrier used for many years, to create great deals for new smartphones, usually at the lowest costs on the american market. Also, many people are expecting to meet the cheapest price for Samsung Galaxy S4 at Verizon for yearly plans, bundles and unlocked smartphones.

Prices at Verizon Wireless

Prices and pre-orders for a Samsung Galaxy S4 from Verizon
Until now nobody made an offer, but if you are looking on the internet about prices for an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 and if you are doing a shortly research about the starting prices from Verizon in the past for each new high end release smartphone, then we can have some realistic expectations.

It is definitely clear that S4 is a little more expensive that any previous released Galaxy smartphone. So, the price for an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 for american markets is estimated between $800 to $900, and also, is expected for Verizon Wireless to introduce S4 on US market arround $799.

For a Samsung S4  bundle the costs would not go over additional $100, and for yearly offers the Samsung Galaxy S4 price would start from $299.

Release date at Verizon

Also, as in the entire world, we don't know an exactly release date, but if you are looking in the past, we can anticipate that it is placed in the middle of April, 2013 and it will bring S4 in hands of american fans. Anyway, the maximum expecting time is the end of April, or the first date of May.

In Canada, Samsung Galaxy S4 will arrive in the middle of April

After the release of Galaxy S4 at New York, a few major mobile operators from Canada annouced that SGS4 will be available for customers, very soon.
What means "soon" for canadian mobile operators we don't know exactly. Some of them indicated that SGS4 will be released on second quarter, but nothing about the month, that can be April, May or June! Anyway, from the previouse experiences of other Galaxy versions, usually in a moth after first release date, the smartphone will arrive on the markets, and that indicates Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available for sale in Canada in the middle of April, 2013.

Canadian mobile operators

At the beginning, ofter the New York release, just four major mobile operators announced that SGS4 will be sold by: Sasktel, Mobilicity, Videotron & Wind. Now, other seven canadian carriers announced that this smartphone will be brought on local market.

Anyway, this smartphone can be pre-ordered on different online stores at high prices, usually between 800 to 900 canadian dollars for an unlocked phone.

If you can wait a little more time, then in two or three weeks is expected to arrive some great deals from the mobile cariers...

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

In the same way with the previouse version, a new one, but a little smaller is comming.

The biggest question!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
What will be the specs of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini? Of course, the hardware and software specifications wouldn't be superiour to the fresh released version on March 14, 2013, in New York. Actualy, the hardware specs would be inferiour: a powerless CPU, less amount of RAM (maybe 1GB), and a poor battery. Also the display would be at least 4.0 inches, but not bigger than 4.3 inches.

The release date

Anyway, it will not be released earlier than 6 months, at least until Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be launched on global market, so, the most probable arriving date will be in December 2013 or January 2014.

Targeted audience

This little version of Samsung Galaxy S4 will not be usefull for people that are evolved in high activities over mobile internet duties, that would imply a smartphone. Maybe the women will like the most this smartphone.

In that way, we'll expect a mini version for each edition of Samsung Galaxy Note, too...

Fastest phone on the market: Galaxy S IV

It have already achieved the highest score on the market, ever given to a phone with this technical specifications, now it only has to remain leader for a long time, probably until the launch of Samsung Galaxy S5 (who knows)?

Technicians in the field have compared the performances, speed and best performing mobile applications on the market, and currently Samsung Galaxy S4 is a leader. Basically, it's score exceeded 500 points next class, HTC One, as in the case of Google Nexus 4 and earlier model from Samsung, Galaxy S3. Even greater was the score that exceeded Galaxy S4 at the expense of his main competitor Apple, iPhone 5, which, according to the same tests, got only half of the total accumulated by the just released smartphone from Samsung. The results are certified by the authorities in the field that made several official rankings.

However, the biggest advance achieved was in speed, raising so the question of whether the phone will have sufficient settings for all cooling needs fot all that processing power.

As regarding the two versions of the two processors that Samsung will have, Snapdragon 600 for United States and Exynos for the rest of world, experts say that between the two there will be no significant differences in terms of their performance. It remains to be seen how the two will be received by the two different markets on which they will be launched on.

Both Samsung and HTC uses Snapdragon 600 processor for their phones, but the difference is that Samsung's processor has 1.9 GHz, with an enhanced version of the Android OS, while HTC's processor has just 1.7 GHz. Samsung has a negative statistics regarding current buyers desire to remain loyal clients in purchasing another phone from the same company, only 70% from existing clients of the South Korean company, express their desire to remain customers of the same companie and the desire of buying the next phone from Samsung. Which category you belong, that of those who wish to remain buyers from Samsung? I register myself here.

Why should I buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 and not another smartphone?

The two biggest competitors, Samsung and Galaxy, come with their own variations given the supremacy of one over the other, although if someone would ask me, my choice is very simple: the two have totally different concepts. I will share my perspective over the two phones, and my arguments for buying Samsung and not Apple.

Here are the reasons to buy Samsung and not Apple: first phone has larger display, a tremendous processing power, and has many features that can make it a great device, but still very complex, depending on the perspective from which we analyze it.

If you want to bet on one of the two phones, here are the options: first, to compare two hardware that you have, then compare the software that come installed, and third, but not least, support and maintenance enjoyed by buyers.

Why buy Galaxy S4 in terms of hardware and lifetime of the battery: this smartphone is equipped with a 600 quad core Snapdragon processor, even if in the U.S. version will not appear Exynos about Octa and nobody can say with certainty how many of the 8 cores really works in practice.

The superiority of Samsung is given by the fact that: memory is double (2GB), his camera is better on paper, altgough more megapixels does not mean better quality image. Memory difference between the two is very large, so we can say with confidence that micro sd card slot you have on Galaxy 4 is at least one generation over the iPhone's.

Worth mentioning everything in terms of why to buy Galaxy S4: because its battery life is twice as long, even as it is about twice the size of an iPhone battery, his double size not automatically guarantees that its lifetime will still be double. In future posts I will tell you where to buy more advantageous Samsung Galaxy S4 and why it's worth buying!

How amazing is Samsung Galaxy S4! I want it!

For those who thought Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great phone, expectations were far exceeded, given the extraordinarily wide range of his technical features, between you and me, more than promised and announced before the launch. However, if anyone can reproach something, then this is the fact that sales, meaning pre-contracts are under the expected level. If you are a keen buyer only after his hardware features, you found what you have wanted, but if you want to establish how companies set a new pace for innovation, then you have to look elsewhere than Samsung Galaxy S4.

Passionate gamers are already very satisfied with the options offered by the eye scrolling, moreover, this phone is also a bridge to the next generation of TV, and Samsung is well known for releasing very intelligent television. Technical specialists in the field say even that this smartphone will be a serious competition for the new Xbox or Playstation.

The micro official website of Samsung has mentions that this phone even suggest buyers, using different programs based on experience and historical use of that buyer, thus giving it, depending on your preference, schedules for running various programs, even initiate them after running default software.

Moreover, it allows even remote connections, remotely, on television or for making other settings, such as the speakers. So we alreday have seen that this new smartphone had integrated many cutting-edge technologies, even before the launch, many comments were related to camera features. My question is how using the camera through gestures will revolutionize the existing technologies.

Being able to configurate the phone without physically touching it, Samsung has gone far before his main competitor, Apple. However, with this great high processing power, similar to the desktop, but occupying so little space in your pocket, this device only opens future for making it a very desirable device, and I personally advise you to buy this phone.

The impact of Smart Scroll & Pause Feature of Samsung Galaxy S4 over your health

I was searching on many websites, especially for streaming sites, to get some news about the impressive feature of S4 called eye scrolling.

Health fears

I heard some people, from New York and other important US cities, objecting about the "smart scroll and the pause feature" of Samsung Galaxy S4. Actually, some people are afraid about the impact of using the eye scroll function to them health, of course if you are using this feature for a long time. Them fear are related to the bad past stored by extreme passionate gamers, which sometimes experienced some difficulties to them real life in orientation tasks.

Other people are talking about some effects over the eyes and they are afraid about medical conditions, like the strabism. Hmmm... I'm tending to believe them, and I thing this function would be tested more time before to be implemented on the global market. Anyway, I will not use the eye scroll feature for a "safety time", to be ensured that my health will not be hurted.

Smart Scroll and Pause Feature

But let's take a look to a short demonstration of this impressive functions of Galaxy S4. I thing that the ideea of this feature is amazing, but I'm not yet convinced about the safety of using it:

Pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4 at T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, US Cellular, and Sprint

Many people are fascinated by the new last generation smartphone from Samsung, especially for the soft features, aming the strongest seems to be the eye scrolling feature!
Anyway, many of you are interested to buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, but nobody knows exactly from where and when to get it in United States! So, at short time after this mobile device was launched, many US mobile operators annouced on them official websites new pre-order web pages for this smartphone.

Pre-orders for Samsung Galaxy S4

One of the first US mobile operators that opened a dedicated web page for Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders is T-Mobile. Also, other mobile operators are ready to get pre-orders for the new S4: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and US Cellular.

When and for what price can you get an S4?

The most probable in a month will arrive first offers as unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4, bundle or with yearly plans. The prices for an unlocked S4 smartphone will be arround $800, and for yearly plans the most mobile operators from USA will create offers at prices starting from $150 - $200 (like in every year).

So, we need to wait a little more time to talk about a hands on experience as owners.

Samsung Galaxy S4 doesn't impress

It was launched on March 14th, 2013, and surprized a very little the people who expected it for many months.

The first disappointing reason is represented by the announced cool hardware and software features, of course, based on rumors: 3D, unbreakable screen, eye scrolling, wireless battery and many other Sci-Fi specs.

Galaxy S4 Specs

In a few words, Samsung Galaxy S4 specs are limited at two kind of processors (Snapdragon and Exynos 5 Octa), 5 inches display with Full HD Super AMOLED screen at 441ppi/inch, 13Mpx foto/video rear camera and 2Mpx front camera, 2600 mAh battery, 2GB of RAM, Android Jelly Bean (version 4.2.2), 16GB/32GB/64GB internal storage and op to 64GB external storage on microSD, weight is 130g and 136.6mm x 69.8mm x 7.9 mm dimensions, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac connectiviti, an advanced multilangual S Voice, and much more!

Anyway, it's a good smartphone, but too far away by the rumored announced specs. Too bad! Its specs seems very closely to S3, and maybe in the next months the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will enjoy us with some hardware specs, that for now it looks to be a little bit from a near Sci-Fi era.

When can we buy Samsung Galaxy S4?

Galaxy S4 could be on sale sooner than we thought, if the rumors about some informations found accidentally after reading a document adressed to a store from New Zealand is true. The document described rules for a contest and describes how they are to give the winner a Galaxy S4 as award, so, judging by the fact that on April 9 in that regulation  is written that for the lucky winner a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone as a prize will be handed to him, that means that on middle of April, it could be brought from everywhere.
This new rumor fits with what is already circulating on some communication channels that announce the starting sale of Samsung Galaxy S4 in March, right after the official launch tonight, and it will be available for sale starting with the 3rd week of April. It remains to be seen if this new release will register a better succes than Samsung Galaxy S3.

On a Korean forum has already appeared the first official image of Samsung Galaxy S4, image official recognized by the representatives leader in the production of smartphones, and just in a few hours we will all know all of his technical details. The novelty is the function that he will be equipped with: wireless charging technology, even some of his competitors already had this features (HTC or Nokia 920), unlike them, Galaxy S4 will have a bigger and a better battery.

All you need to know about Samsung Galaxy S4 before launching tonight

Samsung's launch will be in a matter of hours in US, in Time Square, and this smartphone seems to be the most waited device of the 2013. The launch has been organised in a location very close to the main store that sales iphones in New York, and not by chance, it was a message sent to his competitors, Samsung expressing this way the desire to conquer the US market.

The event will take place at Radio City Music Hall in  Time Square, in New York. Representatives from Samsung expects sales of more than 10 million devices only in March, and the strategy of keeping the secret about this new phone was part of the marketing polices.

Among the most expected specifications of this device include a 5 inches display and a 13 MP camera. According to latest news and rumors, the smartphone will have innovative technology, like scrolling text pages on the display, only depending on how the buyers are moving their eyes.

This smartphone will have a 5 inches screen, slightly higher than Galaxy S3. The US version will use a qualcomm processor, obtainingfor the phone a higher power for proccesing informations and to run multiple tasks in the same time. In other countries, Galaxy S4 processor will be a 5 Exynox with 8 cores, similar to what newest smartphones and tablets had for performing complex tasks.

Apple attacks Samsung Galaxy S4 in the launch day

Android operating system that the new phone will use, is lower than iOS, according to Apple's PM, Phil Schiller, in an interview for Wall Street Journal, in which he tries to ridicules the main competitor of iPhone. Everyone saw his statements  as attempts to cause Samsung some damage just before today 's launch.

Devices that runs on Android has a lot of components provided by different manufacturers, but Apple is making himself all hardware components, including the iOS. The Same official said that only last year, iPhone registred about 20%  of the market share for phones saled in 2012, compared with 80% for Android ones.

In the past, Apple had the same strategy like this, in the attempt to make competition from Samsung less than it really is. Android buyers use the features of this (os) separetly, even Android offerrs free cases for the average value of one smartphone, the technique is better at Apple.

Also, Apple claims that in the last months, total amount of buyers that had changed the Android with iPhone is much higher than the amount of those who had made the change of Apple with Android. The american company has faced an issue last year: final sales showed only a 0.1% modest profit, so all the buyers and the business man need for this year a consistent profit.

South Koreean company manage in this time to maintain a viral and smart marketing campain in United States and all around the world, and today the new Galaxy S4 is launching, having a powerful processor, a performant camera and a long life battery, according to his specifications.

Samsung had brought big improvements to Google Operating System, and so it became a strong competition for Apple. Samsung Galaxy S3 is a very good smartphone, but my opinios is that Galaxy S4 will attract tens of millions of new buyers. The americans from Apple are planning to launch their new Iphone in the late autumn, this year, having a cheaper price.

All the secrets of Samsung S4

The launch of the latest Galaxy series phone, will take place on 14th March, 2013, in New York. This is one of the most anticipated smartphones, both in my country and abroad, rumors and pictures with Galaxy S4 appeared on the Internet long before launch.

Thus, Samsung Galaxy S4 would have a full hd display of 5 inches, about 12.7 cm, and 1920 x 1080 pixels or larger screen that could be unbreakable and flexible. In addition, it would be 5G Wifi technology, with net speeds closer to the speed achived by cable. It would have a 1.8 GHz processor and about 2 gb of RAM. The camera would be a 13 MP. Many analysts expect another strong point of the new smartphone: the battery, which would have a long life for a device with such performances.

Another feature expected  from the new entry is the technology Eyescroll: buyers can scroll up or down pages through eye movements, without even having to touch the display. According to rumors and speculations, the new OS for this phone will be Android 4.2, named Jelly Bean, and come in three or even four versions: 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB.

According to some sources within Samsung, the new Galaxy S4 is expected to sell in the US starting with 15 th March, and in Europe since the second or third week of April, 2013, and this means that the sales date of Samsung Galaxy S4 in your country could be sometime after April 8. As prices, it ranges from $600 and $500, according to rumors. Many experts say that the new phone will look more like a phablet, bacause it has features from smartphones plus tablets, than a smartphone, given its size and its performances.

All about the new Samsung Galaxy S4

This phone will finally be released today in New York, and all rumors will be ending. In terms of weight and dimensions, it will have about 140 grams, it will have a 5 inches full HD display PHOLED that consumes very little energy.

Samsung's processor for the international version is a Exynos with 8 cores, while the version for US will have a quad core Snapdragon processor 620. Both versions will run Jelly Bean 4.2., the updated Operating System, with a storage capacity of 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB.

Regarding the colors in which the phone will be available, we will be able to choose between gray, white, black, blue, red or brown. The most important applications that will run on this phone in less than 13 hours are: Playstation4, Knox, PayWave, Eyescroll, Direct call, Svoice, Sbeam, and many others that you will find yourself in a few hours.

In terms of connectivity, this phone will make 4G wifi connections at the highest standards and is also equipped with Bluetooth 4.0.

The camera is one of the most used functions of a smartphone, and therefore bringing new settings and features it produces joy to buyers and users. Thus, Galaxy S4 will be equipped with a 13 MP camera that can take pictures in 3D. The phone will also have codecs installed for video and audio files like mp3, mp4, wav, xvid, divx, etc. As default, the main accessories for this phone  will be: 3 types of cover, extra battery kit, headset and more. Go to local operators and ask further details!

Most important: