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Why you must have a Galaxy S4, and not an S3

After a recent post from this blog about TOP 10 specials and unique features of this amazing smartphone, today I will tell you a few other reasons for having this new smartphone and not S3 version.
Release date is just over one or two weeks, but already the big carriers are starting to come up with offers and bonuses to earn more buyers, although Galaxy S3 is still the best selling phone, in less than half a month will this place will be taken instead by the improved version.

The new smartphone has a much higher screen and a superior display quality, Samsung providing his buyers a much better quality image, a HD and a 1080 p resolution, 5 inches screen, thus watching movies directly from this smartphone will be a pleasure.

Galaxy S4 has an improved design, more ergonomic and beautiful, even if his housing is still made from plastic, this gives it a premium look, a great resistance because it bends, is very light and resistant to knocks, scratches and breakage.

It has many more applications, improved software features and much more sensors, allowing for example, the buyer, to have a better preview for an image similar to the one in Note 2, but without the need to use pen .
 It also can be used as a controller for a compatible TV, and features for smart scroll, smart pause are superior to previous eye tracking technology. Another application that deserves watting for another two weeks is many view, which means that Android can run multiple complex applications simultaneously without problems.

The Support offered for this smartphone is better and it Will be longer than that offered by previous Galaxy S3, and it Will have a faster and updated operating system.

Why you must have a Galaxy S4, and not an S3
It will definetively have a larger battery, which will allow you to work longer and also has settings for wireless charging battery, which is a giant leap in getting a much greater operating autonomy, even at intense use or running more complex applications.

AT&T has announced the release date for April 16, so there are less than 7 days left, and if you want to be updated with the latest information on this smartphone, you can see daily this blog and here you will find well-documented informations and tips for getting deals and bonuses. The 16 Gb version will have the starting price of $199, but on sites like Amazon or Radio Shack, you will find in the following days and weeks, great deals.

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