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Pre-orders and shipping date for Samsung Galaxy S4 at Sprint

By the end of April Galaxy S4 will get in most stores in the U.S., even if at this point all the major carriers have not even provided any details about this just released smartphone which is experiencing so much interest from buyers.
Among carriers who provided more details until now, U.S. Cellular and AT&T have officially communicated that they will begin to take preorders on April 16th, following the delivery to be made probably in early May.

Moreover, official announcements of them do not remember the version with 64 GB storage capacity, prices officially announced referring only to the 16GB version that will be priced for $199 and to the 32 Gb version, that will be priced at $249 when signing a new agreement.

Other carriers policies like T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon was not providing yet all the details for potential buyers, but I found on sites like ebay or amazon listings of those from Sprint about Galaxy S4 smartphone, which says that the smartphone is already available for preorders, and April 11th and 12th are given as shipping dates, which means that if retailers have in stock these devices, by the end of the weekend buyers will already have in their hands this great smartphone from Sprint.

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