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Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S4 from Verizon

Considering that after April 16th, Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available for preorders at Verizon, prices for S3 are already dropped to $99 for a new agreement contract. However, until now, no carrier has officially set the delivery date for this smartphone, but it is expected that it will not happen later than May, 1st.
Verzion is the largest carrier in the U.S. and having a past experience of delivering without the greatest rapidity the new released devices, is now trying to take an advance for selling Galaxy S4, anyway, by the end of this month, this great smartphone will be in all stores from U.S.

Pre-order Samsung Galaxy S4 from VerizonVerizon has not yet announced what will be the price at pre-order, but other competitors carriers have already announced the  price of $199 for the 16 GB smartphone, and $249 for one with a storage capacity of 32 GB. However, on this blog or on Amazon you can make great deals when preorder Samsung Galaxy S4.

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