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Coming soon: Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Today we had another good news coming from Samsung : the just launched Samsung Galaxy S4 will be followed this summer by an improved model that will be water resistant and dust resitant, according to the Wall Street Journal. According to this specific source, this model will be named Galaxy S4 Active and we are expecting to be launched in aproximately 3 months, maybe in July.
Samsung official representatives confirmed two weeks ago, during the launch of S4 version in Dubai, that they would launch such a device, but they did not specified any release date, specs, other features or names for it. So far we only know that it will have the same design like S4, but it will have a highly resistant casing which will offer a good protection against dust or even water, imagine what applications could have such a device.

Gadgets resistant to harsh conditions like water, cold, dust, etc. are not a new idea, the Android operating system by other  models launched by Sony, Motorola or Samsung, but all those were low end or mid range versions, not as highly performantm as those from galaxy series.

With the launch of Sony Xperia Z, the interest for increasing the resistance of those high tech smartphones with high prices and resistant casing designed to protect from extreme enviromental conditions was an innovation in the field. Other major companies had also announced that future versions will follow this lie and will focus more on sustainability.

In addition to this, the same official source from the Wall Street Journal says that the South Korean company is working at this time for releasing a mini version of this S4 just released model, most likely this will be the expected Mini model, which will offer a screen with 4.3 inches and the latest tablet with a 8 inches screen.

Thus the year 2013 promises to be very lively for the south korean company with an impressive amount sales, which will strengthen its leadership position for the smartphones and tablets segment.

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