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TOP 3 best features of the Samsung Galaxy S4

Today, April 16th was the release date for this latest generation smartphone, the big day when carriers like AT&T or T-Mobile have started to take preorders. Preorders can be taken on other sites like Amazon, and more information about these preorders can be found here on this blog.
For start i will describe the dual camera of this latest smartphone that enables front and rear shooting or recording simultaneously at a resolution of 2 MP or 13 MP. This special feature allows, for example, to shoot someone's birthday and happy expression of your face at the same time. Moreover, this particular feature allows you to choose a template and made effects with photos, so you can get blurred photos, oval or other special effects to give even images or videos more artistic effects.

TOP 3 best features of the Samsung Galaxy S4
Smart Pause and Smart Scroll are other special and unique feature of this amazing smartphone that will allow users to use the phone for example, with one hand or to save battery when the smartphone is not in use for certain time periods. Think about how nice it is to browse the pages of a document without touching the smartphone's screen and do not miss your favorite movie scenes when your attention is distracted.

With Air Gesture or Smart Call Accept, you can just answer the phone when making a gesture to activate the speaker in the same way, think about how this feature is useful when you drive the car and have to answer an urgent call. With the Smart Gesture you can do other settings too, you can adjust the volume or open more tabs, so here's how innovative are these special features of the Galaxy S4.

Most important: