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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One M7

In less than 10 days two of the most anticipated smartphones of the year 2013 will arrive in the U.S. and will begin the battle to win the hearts, the wallets and the thoughts of the buyers, especially as the U.S. release of both on April 16 is approaches, it is time to analyze in detail each smartphone specifications mentioned above to see the advantages or disadvantages of each of them, and on this blog you have the latest information that will help you forming a properly informed choice between the two.

Last year Galaxy S3 far exceeded his competitor at the time, getting to sell over 40 million units worldwide, which brought the status of a powerfull competitor to Samsung over Apple at the moment.

Rumors that preceded the launch of the two phones so much expected this year, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One M7, the second launching by nearly a month before, but both promising and is equipped with many latest technologies which would tempt any buyer to use them and no longer separate from them.

Now, a few days until them release in April, both smartphones are expected to be released in the U.S., to begin competition in terms of technical specifications that both have, the price of which can be purchased, them storage capacity and so on.

Most important: