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$199 - starting price for Galaxy S4 at AT&T

The starting price for Samsung Galaxy S4 at AT&T is $199, not $249 as previously believed, as the new smartphone priced enviable, that will help a lot to achieve a record sales volume, probably more than of those achieved last year with Samsung Galaxy S3. All the official announcements say that AT&T will take preorders for Galaxy S4 strating with April, 16.
The carrier has cleared that the price for Galaxy S4 is $249 for the model with 32 GB, not the one with 16 GB, what potential buyers really will enjoy and created envy among competitors. The price of $199 for Galaxy S4 will be available for a two-year contract agreement.

AT&T has not yet made any official announcements about Samsung Galaxy S4 with storage capacity of 64 GB, so about this model nobody yet knows the price of which it will be available for preorders.

$199 - starting price for Galaxy S4 at AT&T
Under these conditions, it is likely that Sprint and Verizon will sell Galaxy S4 with a two-year contract at $199 price as well. The price of $199 is equivalent to that of Iphone 5 HTC One, so now it is even more fierce race between these companies, the difference being given bu preferences of the buyers for one brand or another.

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