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Galaxy S4 release date in U.S.

Much of the information we have until this date are all rumors, but today I learned from reliable sources that the release date for this smartphone in the U.S. will be April 26th.This reliable source is actually a document of the Staples confirming that the release date for the newest and most advanced smartphones currently available on the market will be April 26 th.
Some carriers even have a release date a few days later, so the T-Mobile and Verizon will release Galaxy S4 on May, 1st. This high-performance device comes equipped with a 5 inches screen, a super AMOLED display, resolution of 1920*1080 pixels, a quad core Snapdragon 600 proccessor, 2 GB of RAM and a much improved operating system called Jelly Bean.

Galaxy S4 release date in U.S.
Another strong point of this smartphone is represented by the latest battery model which has a 2600 mAh, as well as a 13 MP camera and another 2 MP camera in front. Another advantage why it worth waiting for this smartphone is given by the fact that it allow its customers to chosse between a 16 GB, a 32 GB or even 64 GB version, depending on the needs.

On April 26th Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released in over 30 countries simultaneously, and his special features will make from it likely, in the near future, a bestselling smartphone.

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