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S4 and purple Galaxy S3

Immediately after the launch of S4 appeared the purple Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, it will reach Sprint just before Samsung S4, thus S3 is an alternative color option for S IV, so an attempt to maintain volumes of sales for S III at a high level.
Rumors give April, 12 for reaching this purple S3 in Sprint, which is a customization of Samsung S3 made by the Sprint for retaining its customers.

This idea of a colored in purple smartphone maintain lifecycle of the S3, but if this strategy is not accompanied by a fall in its price, it could not attract so many buyers, now that preorders for the Samsung S IV is already available, some very advantageous, with considerable discounts.

Samsung preferences for bright colors like purple, in this case, is not new, remember that Samsung Note 2 has been available in pink and brown color in U.S.. Samsung S4 will be available in white and black at Sprint, as iPhone 5.

Galaxy S4 and purple Samsung Galaxy S3
S3 is available at Sprint for just $99, but only for new customers of Sprint, this astonishing decrease of the price for previous version (Galaxy S III) after releasing a newer version (S4) as expected by many eagers for such devices at these prices. If you are satisfied by the specifications of S3, now is the time you have it, but if you are an addict to latest news and gadgets in the field, S4 is a choice you will not regret, and for great offers, t see other posts in this blog.

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