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TOP 4 best features of the Samsung Galaxy S4

This item from series the best features of this amazing smartphone, contains another four special features that makes it special and so desirable to tens of millions of customers, more precisely nearly 76% of the respondents to a survey recently conducted on this topic.
Air View is such a special features that allows users to change the way the icons appear, to switch between different previews thumbnails or capture a video scene or the content of an email that has just entered inbox while running another application on the smartphone.

S translator translates all sorts of documents, emails, sms or any other content in user's desired language, an option that can be very useful in tourism, when, for example, you want to get instructions and do not know the native language of a particular geographic area. It works very much like google translator that can translate even voice inputs, including from one language into another, so it can be used including for conversations and dialogues.

TOT 4 best features of the Samsung Galaxy S4Another very useful feature is the buyer'S Health, which provides options for improved health markers such as calories lost through walking a certain distance, measuring pulse or blood pressure, the temperature of the environment or in the buyer's room, humidity, etc..

Last special feature from this top is watch on video, which works like this: the Galaxy S4 smartphone via infrared port can function as a remote control, but through S4 it can be made much more than simply changing the settings of the TV channels, watch online video search allows to be seen specific content from Samsung hubs or video stores simultaneously  with tv schedules consulting.

Here we have these four more reasons for you to preorder this great smartphone.

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