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Galaxy S4 is already a winner

Samsung Galaxy S4 is already leading charts , and the first figures already exceeding official forecasts made by South Korean company representatives, exceeded so his main competitor, Apple, who is no longer an issue in these conditions.
Consumers around the world are eager to pass April 16, the date when at all major carriers in the U.S. will be the official release date for this smartphone, and according to market research results, this device will easily achieve the official targets sets for 2013.

Production of this smartphone at a rate of several million in one month, even if his production price is higher than the last year Galaxy S3.

Galaxy S4 is already a winner
Specialists and technicians estimates that about 58% of the production goes into achieving display, memory, and other hardware components, so from profits made from sales of the Samsung smartphone will benefit the entire group, all analyzes so far showing sure recorded sales revenues and high profits after release date.

With such configuration and technology, it's normal to already be a winner.

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