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The history of Samsung Galaxy S4 in U.S.

Samsung has launched the first Galaxy S device in February, 2010, for that time a latest generation smartphone, equipped with technologies that have revolutionized the smartphone concept, this concept was sold at that date in more than 30 million copies, this has been the first demonstration of the Android operating system potential's from Google that smartphones come equipped with starting then.
A year later, his successor, Samsung Galaxy S2 launched, south korean company bringing significant improvements, making it bigger, with more processing power, with more attractive design for its customers, thus sold over 20 million copies in less than a year.

The tradition was then stored over one year later, when S3 appeared, making more sales and become a wanted smartphone to more and more millions of buyers from all over the globe.

The company concept was that every new release of a new device has to make improvements, to come up with something new, to equip the devices with its latest technology, so get over competitors through this strategy, succeeding thus, in just 3 years, to become the leader by creating a record volume of sales.

For example, only 55 days after its launch, S3 was already sold over 10 million copies, expectations are even higher for Galaxy S4, interest of the buyers for it being bigger, considering that in less than a week all major U.S. carriers will have the release date for this smartphone, and prices for these will be $199 for the smartphone with 16 GB storage capacity, and $249 for the 32GB one.
The history of Samsung Galaxy S4 in U.S.
After April, 16 these prices will be reduced, given that competition will start to win more customers, and on other sites, like Amazon, preorders are already at very advantageous prices, buyers making great deals this way. On this blog you can find some important details on how to obtain significant discounts when purchasing this amazing smartphone.

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