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Hidden features of Samsung Galaxy S4

On March 14th, Samsung has launched two different models, one for U.S. and one for Europe and other areas of the world, thus adapting to his buyers and for specificity in those areas, so in the U.S. and Europe, the smartphone will be equipped with a quadcore Snapdragon 600 processor, while for other areas of the globe, it will have a Exynos 5 processor as correspond .
Today Samsung has launched the first commercial ads for this model of smartphone, ads appearing only a week before April 16 when is the release date, and showing young people who use their smartphones to capture images and send them on to the loved ones.

Until now, there are not official figures concerning Galaxy S4 budget for advertising, but according to last year figures, more than $300 millions were spent only for advertising in 2012. For 2013 Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One were the most anticipated devices, and according to several statistics, the south korean company is already winning .

If I had to name a few of the S4 special features, I'd say about the long lasting battery and about his more efficient sensors fitted to. His slogan is to bring you closer to what matters in life and approaching the world, using the last generation technology. Here are some of them:

The RGB light sensor tells the intensity of a light source, technology that has been integrated into Samsung Adapt Dislay. The hall sensor determines whether or not the case is closed, which is integrated in the S view cover feature. Its barometer measures atmospheric pressure and sets the current location of the buyers, which is integrated into the application S Heath Walking Mate. The gesture sensor recognizes hand movements of the buyers, using of course, infrared rays, within the Air Gesture application.
The proximity sensor recognizes when the smartphone is located or not near them buyers, thus having Direct Call application. The Gyro Sensor detects the device's rotation relative to 3-axis, this been the Smart Rotation feature.
Hidden features of Samsung Galaxy S4
The accelerometer establishes movement of the smartphone, so this ia S Heath, Walking Mate feature. The geomagnetic Sensor detects the intensity of a magnetic field, whic is called Digital Compass MAP option. The temperature and humidity sensor checks temperature and humidity levels, which is S Heath Comfort Level feature of the smartphone. Some of these sensors have been found and previous versions of the Galaxy S series, but on Galaxy S4 they are improved and integrated in more complex technologies.

Most important: