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TOP 10 special and unique features of Samsung Galaxy S4

TOP 10 special and unique features of Samsung Galaxy S4
From launch until now, we have already learned almost all his features, as dual camera, smart scroll, smart pause, but this smartphone has more special features than those, and on this blog you can find a lot of other interesting features about it.

# Enthusiasts will have no problem discovering these hidden technologies or extra options that makes life a lot easier: the supersensitive display resistant to scratches, 5G WiFi, the safety advisor or the trip adviser are some of its special features.

# Here are some other special features of this smartphone, very little known: the supersensitive screen that can be operated with gloves or with any other common objects that are found in all homes, a very useful feature to everyone, and we can think only in freezing weather, or even on ski, when we have an urgent need to call someone without taking the gloves off.

# Furthermore, the display is scratch very hard, so I will not have to worry when you touch it with different objects, the Gorilla Glass 3 is more durable than previous attempts.
# Existing scanners can easily read directly from this smartphone, application which can be very useful, considering that merchants should not install new scanners or other equipment on their stores.

# It features a barometer, thermometer, hydrometer, all dimensional projections and specific applications. This smartphone is the first to measure all indicators of air that surrounds you: atmospheric humidity, pressure or temperature, providing three dimensional visual reports about the environment, application that can be successfully used for monitoring health markers or data obtained this way can then be used for making accurate weather forecasts.

# This amazing smartphone supports Wi-Fi standard 5G, which is a speed of 1 Gbit, which mean twice or three times higher than allowed by previous standards. This unique feature also allows faster transfer of music, documents or videos between two or more compatible devices.

# Another last generation standard that you will have on this amazing smartphone, is MHL2, which allows it to load two times faster than before when connected to a TV or monitor, which can be very useful for games passionates, for instance.

#  It also has a high-performance audio chip, which allows it to pull sound quality extremely good.

# Another unique feature is that this smartphone is the result of collaboration and partnership between Samsung and other well known applications, such most famous database of tourism, the Tripadviser, that offers to tourists views of the desired areas, thus offering them more needed information in a very short time, making it a very pleasant and useful smartphone to use.

# It comes up with an assistant for emergency situations that can take pictures with the front camera or with the back camera  when pressing, for example, only the volume key, also, in these emergency situations, you can send photos further accompanied by certain messages to a particular address or to a particular phone, depending on the settings you have made, this application could be very useful in some emergency situations, where we all can find ourselves sometimes.
So here are ten more reasons why you deserve to have this wonderful smartphone!

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