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Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders - best deals

For those who waited eagerly and enthusiastically this newest smartphone, I have good news for you all: you can prepare your wallets because starting today preorders are available for this amazing smartphone. The date of April 16th has been confirmed so far from many sources, including official documents from Samsung.
Date on which carriers will begin to take preorders differ a little, but at the largest carriers preorders will be available starting today, and on this blog there are a lot of details about this.

Moreover, according to internal documents from Samsung, meaning  less than 10 days, starting from April 26th, at T-Mobile and AT&T, this smartphone will be brought to shelves, while Verizon will get it four days later, starting with May, 1st.

Regarding the prices, about the carrier AT&T we know that the 16GB version will cost $199 and the 32GB version will be available for $249 on  a two year contract.

Samsung had launched through the last years a lot of devices, and with every new one the campany made significant improvements, that after every new launch, previous versions very soon be outdated. It happens the same now with Galaxy S3, which has improved dramatically by the launch of the new S4 model from Galaxy series.

So to recap information of the day: starting today Galaxy S4 is available for preorder in the U.S., at all major carriers and Operators, which means that those who want this smartphone can get it today, without waiting for the official start of the sale.
Plans for sales are similar to those of the Galaxy S3, so for a two-year contract for voice and data, the 16GB version will be available on preorders for $199, while the version of 32GB can be purchased on preorders for $249, but if you want to make any great deals in buying Galaxy S4, you can check sites like Amazon or read this blog's posts for more tips on this matter.

If you want to have this smartphone with a yearly contract, then you have to take from your wallets $449, for the same voice and data agreement.

For the 16 GB version preorder with a month to month agreement, you must have available $639, so you get the latest generation smartphone in the desired color. Please remember that S4 ships on May 1st, not earlier, so if you preorder the smartphone now, you still have to wait another two weeks until you'll put your hands on it.

According to surveys already carried out, 20% of respondents said they Will preorder the new smartphone and other 56% that they will buy this amazing smartphone when it will be available soon on sale in stores, and this 56% does not include those who already intend to preorder online this device, so the total of the two percents is about 76% of those polled will soon have this smartphone equipped with latest technologies, which represents a very high percentage.

My invitation to you is to read posts from this blog to learn how to make great deals in buying the this amazing smartphone.

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