Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories: Cases, Wallets, Screen Protectors, Chargers, etc.

Latest rumors about Samsung Galaxy S4 release date in U.S. and his little brother, the newer Galaxy S4 Mini

We already know that this smartphone will be available in 3 versions depending on the storage capacity, thus having a 16 GB capacity storage, a 32 GB one or even a 64 GB version, but more important is the fact that this amazing smartphone will have tracking and security features incorporated, which can help the buyers to detect the stolen devices, feature which works just like those from Apple, called Find My iPhone.
Samsung has taken this idea but had implemented it a more efficient, by signing a collaboration with Absolute, who designed the software that enables tracking of a laptop, for example, so this smartphone was built by the latest technology standards.

Another strength of this high performance smartphone is given by the wide range of accessories that you have when preorder it, like accessories for monitoring the health of buyers, to measure the pulse, blood pressure, weight or even accessories for wireless charging, as smartphone is equipped with a wireless charging dock without the need to connect a cable to charge it.

Most major carriers will have until the end of this month the release date for this latest generation smartphone, AT&T will begin taking preorders on April 16th.

According to the latest rumors, is preparing the launch of Samsung Galaxy Mini, which will have a tiny little screen, and close to the specs of the Galaxy S4, so we know it will also have a super AMOLED screen with a diagonal of 4.3 inches and a resolution of 960*540 pixels, with a dual core 1.6 Ghz  processor, with a 8GB or 16GB storage capacity.
Latest rumors about Samsung Galaxy S4 release date in U.S. and his little brother, the newer Galaxy s4 Mini
However, judging after our experience with previous versions, this mini version is for those who want to benefit from newest technologies incorporated in the Galaxy S4, but has a slightly smaller budget that allows them only buying the little brother in this series, largely benefiting from the same features like the S4.

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