Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories: Cases, Wallets, Screen Protectors, Chargers, etc.

Samsung Galaxy S4 shipping date is aproaching

If Verizon chose not to provide any details about release date, there is no secret about the specifications that it will be equipped with, there is no doubt those are very well known to all people interested in this latest generation smartphone.
Although Verizon is the largest carrier in the U.S., the strategy chosen by it was to not yet give too many details about the release date, which creates suspicions and rumors about a possible marketing policy unbeatable.

As the most powerful Android smartphone of the year 2013, Galaxy S4 arouses the interest of many millions of potential buyers, and on this blog you can find many details about what each carrier has to offer, so that you can make great deals on buying this product.

Although this smartphone is rather an upgrade of his previous version, it has many unique and special features and about some of them you can read on this blog.

Samsung Galaxy S4 shipping date is aproaching
Now that preorders are already in progress, big carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, U.S. Cellular compete in bonuses and discounts to win more customers, this is an opportunity to buy, besides smartphones, other useful accessories like chargers for car, casing or microSD cards.

In my opinion, now is more advantageous to address directly to online retailers, because sites like Amazon are offering to buyers great deals for Galaxy S4.

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