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Verizon release date for Samsung Galaxy S4

So far Verizon has confirmed that it will have release data for this smartphone in early May, so anyone interested in this very powerful device will wait only a few days until finally will have this last generation device.
Compared with other competitors carriers, Verizon has chosen to provide very little information about this smartphone with 5 inches display and 1080p resolution. This was the Verizon's strategy until yesterday when officially confirmed they will have in early May this very powerful smartphone, on the official Verizon website there is even a section where interested buyers can ask for more details.

However, up to now, pre-order from Verizon are not yet available for Samsung Galaxy S4, while other sites like Amazon has preorders for more than a week.

3 other competitors carriers : AT&T, U.S. Cellular and Sprint have this smartphone on pre-orders at the moment, while another large carrier, T-Mobile, is satisfied with the announcement that on April, 24th, will have the release date for Galaxy S4, possible before the other major carriers.

Verizon release date for Samsung Galaxy S4
So far at T-Mobile release date is April 24th, April 27th at Sprint and April 24 th at AT&T.

This means that Verizon would be the last carrier to offer this smartphone since announced that this will happen in the first days of May.
 Other rumors also say that in the same period at Verizon will reach other high performance smartphones like HTC One, Lumia 928 or Even Motorola X, so competition has just begun.

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