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Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders

Almost fans of this smartphone knows that S4 wil be released first time in United States by AT&T Mobile, and this mobile carrier will be closely followed by launches of SGS4 by Verizon, U.S.Cellular and other american mobile operators.
Until this smartphone will be sold by US mobile carriers we have to wait weeks, but for fans that want sooner this mobile device in their hands exists an alternative: SGS4 preorder!

Cheapest Galaxy S4 pre-orders:

All major mobile carriers from the entire world announces this smartphone for the late of April, but prices are huge! So, an alternative becames preorders from the biggest online stores, where you can meet many sellers. So, until now, the cheapest Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders can be found on Amazon at prices arround $700. Of course, you can wait a little more time (weeks) to get it from your local mobile carriers, but if you want to be one of the first S4 owners in the world or from your country... you have the option to get it in a short time!

Many people knows that this amazing smartphone should arrive in stores by the end of the month at all the major carriers in the U.S., and the most awaited offer is from Verizon, because it is the largest carrier in the U.S. and thus you can get great benefit deals on preorders for S4.

In general, the prices for this high-performance smartphone, which has just been launched on March 14th, have already been announced: for the 16 GB version the price is $199, while for the 32 GB one, the price is $249, in my opinion very low prices if we refer to latest technology which it is equipped with.

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-ordersBut I still suggest you to visit the biggest online stores before you purchase this amazing smartphone, because this way you can get great deals on preorders for SGS4. Some very useful tips you will find on this blog, so before you make a decision, it would be useful to see some posts about preorders from my blog.

AT&T and U.S. Cellular will have this amazing smartphone available for preorders starting next week, from April 16th, it is possible that at the time, because millions of interested buyers will probably access simultaneously the major carriers sites, they could be blocked. So, if you want to avoid this annoyance, you can reach for preorders on other sites that comes with significant discounts.

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