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Galaxy S4 will record a higher profit than S3

This smartphone will have a release date in less than a week and Samsung waits, at the end of 2013, a second release of the Galaxy Note 3, so the South Korean company will bring huge profits, already having the advantage of the wave, it was brought in the first position in terms of sales in 2012 by Galaxy S3. With this advance given by the record sales achieved last year, company officials estimates will be easily achieved and exceeded.
With the U.S. release date set for April 16, all the sales locations from other continents will begin register huge profits later this month.

Only expected profit for the first quarter of 2013 is approximately $8 Billion, the company is recognized worldwide not only for smartphones and tablets, but also for smart TVs, refrigerators or also for smart and performante washing machines.

Galaxy S4 will get higher profit than S3
Compared to the iPhone, Samsung might not be able to obtain a profit as high as his, just because production costs are much higher than the production costs of the competition'a, most of these costs going in achieving the 5 inches  HD display with AMOLED, just for doing it for one single smartphone, been required aprox. $30 more than for an Iphone.

At&T has already officially announced that in the release day, Galaxy S4 will be available, in the 32 GB storage capacity, for$249, while the 16GB version, just for $199. Until then, there are only 8 days left!

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