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The revised price for Samsung Galaxy S4

A few days ago, AT&T announced that on April 16th they will begin to take preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S4 at a starting price of $249 when signing a contract with a two years contract.
Many thought then that the price of $249 is a bit high, but an important information appeared today: the price $249 will be for Galaxy S4 with a storage capacity of 32 GB.

Another important announcement made by the AT&T today is this: fror Galaxy S4 version with 16 GB, AT&T will take preorders at a starting price of $199, of course, after signing a contract with  AT&T.

The revised price for Samsung Galaxy S4
So news of the day is this: Samsung Galaxy S4 can be yours for only $199, which in my opinion, is very advantageous, because this smartphone is very efficient, and the price of $199 is very small for all latest technologies it has incorporated in.

The new Galaxy S4 can turn into a TV remote and is able to take pictures of professional quality, difficult to reach with other similar smartphones.

Most important: