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Why Samsung Galaxy S5 is a bad choice

Why Samsung Galaxy S5 is a bad choice

Usually we buy a smartphone if it's joined by a large advertising budget, if the gadget is satisfying the most of our needs, if we like it, and if... we have enough money to buy it! The same rules applies for Samsung Galaxy S5!

Another rule of this world is that every smartphone in the world has its happy and angry customers - also, Galaxy S5 isn't an exception. So, the purpose of this article is to focus on main reasons for Samsung Galaxy S5 can be a bad choice. I need to mention that the most common reason are present in the bad reviews of the biggest online shopping websites in the world.

Galaxy S5 is a bad choice:

- if you're an iPhone fan (many of they are unsatisfied by the huge delay of most android apps and the non-intuitive applications);
- if you bought the smartphone from Amazon and after a while it needs to go in service to be repaired: you'll find quickly that Amazon's customer service is terrible;
- if you bought it from Sprint but they will not help to fix your smartphone problems if you didn't pay for an insurance (~ $11 per month);
- even many S5 owners are satisfied by it as an android device, many of them say that "as a phone it sucks" (sometimes the reception is terrible, or the phone is freezing);
- many S5 devices have problems related to: 4G connection, WiFi, GPS, SIM card;
- the battery life is short.

Most important: