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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - preorders in UK

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - preorders in UK
After Samsung kept his word and designed the mini model equipped with the latest facilities that the S4 series has, for a lower price, making it so much affordable for many categories of buyers, this mini model is now available at preorder, so everyone interested will not have very long to wait until they could hold it in their hand and test all its revolutionary features.

This mini version is just as efficient and has a very similar design to the just released S4 model, so with a display of 4.3 inches super AMOLED technology, a high performance processor clocked for 1.7 Ghz, a 8 MP rear camera and a 1.9 MP front camera and 1.5 GB of RAM, it has a high performance configuration, which will help it to become one of the best selling smartphones of the moment, taking advantage of offering latest technology at much lower prices.

The official presentation of this mini model will take place within a larger event in June 20, so very few remaining days until we find out all its details.

A few weeks after announcing the launch of this mini model, anyone interested in this model in the UK can preorder it now for only £389.99, one of the most famous and largest retailers, Handtech, confirming that they will have in stock this model in the near future, also, on its official site Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 8GB black mist is available for preorders at £389.99. Up to this point this retailer has not provided a release date for the mini version of this smartphone.

Other big retailers like Vodafone, Three, Phones 4U, O2 also said that they will have in stock the new device, so there will be a lot of offers from them, but until then, lets expect its launch in London, June 20th.

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