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Best-selling smartphone of all times

According to official sources within the company, Samsung Galaxy S4 is already the best selling smartphone of all time, only after two weeks from its availability for selling.
In just two weeks were shipped over 6 million units, representing an extraordinarily high figure, so the South Korean company having much bigger sales than last year with previous version, S3. Last year Samsung managed to sell in 50 days only about 10 million units, making it a very visible increase in sales this year, it is a huge growth in just two weeks.

Being equipped with a 5 inches full HD display, with a high-performance Snapdragon 600 1,9 Ghz processor, with an amazing camera resolution of 13 MP, 2GB of memory and 64GB storage capacity, this latest smartphone is truly amazing. The south korean company's statistics show a volume of sales of more than 100 milion units, while Galaxy S3 has sold only in 60 million units by this time.
Meanwhile rumors multiply on the difficulties faced by Apple, the most feared competitor of Samsung, for the production of the next model iPhone 6, which will have a much larger display just to be able to keep up with the Galaxy S versions. I am one of enthusiasts who have already purchased this amazing device, and I am very pleased with all the special features that it has.

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