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Useful features of Samsung Galaxy S4

This latest smartphone has many best features, the most powerful at the moment, so in this article I will describe a few of them that I thought were most interesting to me. These innovative and amazing features make it one of the most desired gadgets of the moment, here are some of them, and the competition with Apple has successfully been won by Samsung with the latest high-performance smartphones launched in recent years.
This smartphone has come up with a completely different vision and it is equipped with features for eyes recognition, hand gestures, as well as high-performance hardware components, with an updated processor compared to the previous version. Samsung Galaxy S4 has the same size as the previous version, but also has a larger display, and its Android OS comes with many improvements, such this smartphone getting to be much more efficient and easier the used.

The only criticism that can be brought to them is that the casing is still made from plastic materials, and thereby does not look as stylish as that of its main competitors HTC One or iPhone. From a distance nobody will realize that you have the latest model of smartphone, because it is very similar in appearance to previous version, Galaxy S3.

Its lifetime battery is 20% higher, so you can use the device a longer period of time or you can run multiple applications simultaneously with greater complexity. Also, its storage capacity can be expanded with a memory card, which can bring envy of its main competitors.

With the Smart scroll you can very easily recognize eye movements and thus works when you have to save energy and the buyer is not looking at the display, or when you read web pages or emails and they are scrolled by this feature when you get to look at the point that would require moving to the next page.

With Air View each buyer can only gesture at the smartphone's screen and it will execute the commands without the need of activating the menu, and the Air Gestures sensor is very useful, for exemple, when you eat and your hands are greasy, so this new feature really proving its worth.

The S Translator can translate instantly, as in science fiction movies, any text from any language, so you will not have any problems in communication during your holidays in exotic or isolated locations.

The camera of this amazing smartphone is very performance and it has a resolution similar to that of professional cameras with settings for processing and obtaining outstanding special effects, dual shot, animated photo, or drama shot.

Useful features of Samsung Galaxy S4
In Easy Mode using this smartphone is very pleasant, so until the least experienced users can easily use the camera, email, phone, internet, messaging, calendar, browsers, etc..

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best choice for buyers from various industries and for all categories of population, and each of these features is ideal for both social media and for more complex application, thus being modern and nice and fast and very showy in the same time, those are just a few reasons why this smartphone deserves to be the top choice of interested customers.

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