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Low prices on T-Mobile for Samsung Galaxy S4

Low prices on T-Mobile for Samsung Galaxy S4

In this article you will find some extremely beneficial tariff plans, offers valid at T-Mobile, which has taken the decision to drop the price for a month for Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone, with $50, in an attempt to gain more clients.

T-Mobile offers its customers a discount of $50 when purchasing this model, the promotion will be valid until July 13 th, so you can benefit from it only in this time. The price of this device reaches just $99 on with a contract for a period of 24 months, and the monthly contract worth $20. This promotion is already found on the official website of the mobile operator, so for many pricing plans, check it until July 13 th.

However, most likely this promotion will be followed by many other promotions, as initial estimates made by the South Korean company about sales volumes have recently been updated, since from its launch until now there have not been sold so many units as originally expected, so the production of this new smartphone was a bit slowed because of this, and this will definitely be used against the giant Samsung by its main competitors.

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