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Bell Mobility prices for Samsung Galaxy S4

Bell Mobility Samsung Galaxy S4 prices
Until now it's one of the most powerfull smartphones available on global market, and millions of people are fascinated by this wonderful inovation of 2013.

Bell prices for Samsung Galaxy S4!

In a few sentences, I will try to ilustrate Bell's Galaxy S4 prices! So, on a 3 yearly plan (it's too much, and your smartphone will became unusefull for market's need), you can get Samsung Galaxy S4 at $199, and without contract you must to pay $699.
Anyway, it's your dilema about what way you'll choose, but in my opinion I'd choose to get the unlocked version, because for long term it's cheapper. Yes, it's true that an S4 without an internet connection isn't usefull, but thiking at the alternatives to get it connected to a permanent internet connection, I'm still keep my mind.

Most important: