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Rumors about Samsung Galaxy S5

Rumors about Samsung Galaxy S5
After the great success of Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, technology enthusiasts are waiting the next improved version, which will become more efficient, so already there are many rumors about the future Galaxy S5, the highest expectations of this being therefore linked to aluminum housing which it will most certainly be made.
The fact is that the future model is now in development stage and will have a very similar design to that had by the Galaxy S4, but with much improved performance, as the South Korean company already had showen us in the last years, so I personally expect outstanding performances for this device what's to be released.

Aluminum housing that's to be expected for giving a premium impression, will most likely cause higher production rates and a greater weight of the smartphone as well, but in this way will be wiped most criticals received from its biggest competitors, Apple and HTC.

However, in terms of technical specifications, we do not have much information at this time, so it remains to be seen what the future configuration for this smartphone from Samsung might be.

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